Saying goodbye to Cloudy

On Wednesday, August 24, Cloudy became an angel… 💔
I still can’t write about him, but I feel it’s time to share these pictures with you. Very sad but also precious moments of Cloudy’s siblings, each one saying goodbye to their little brother in their own way. Only Lulu and Kira didn’t come close, so you won’t see them in the pictures.
Just look at all their different expressions, coping with the loss of their little brother all in a different way. Benji, Boris, and Stefan came close, just a short ‘touch’, contact, and then they walked away. Twix kept his distance but stayed close to Jessie. Zahra was confused at first and looked for support from me. Lilly was cautious at first, but then she came close. Jessie took more time to say goodbye, and Tommy was the one who stayed for the longest time with Cloudy. He was very sad, needed time to comprehend what happened to Cloudy, and just didn’t want to leave him. They weren’t very close friends, but now I realized he meant a lot more to him than he always showed.
A very special moment was also when the three of them, Zahra, Lilly, and Tommy, surrounded Cloudy. It felt like a circle of love, a pure and deep connection between hearts and souls.
I know how many of you love(d) Cloudy so much, too, and I hope that seeing these goodbyes to our special little boy will somewhat help his friends around the world with this immense loss.
My heart is broken, and I know it won’t ever fully heal again, it never truly does.
~ Irene


98 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to Cloudy

  1. Margit Jung-Faltins says:

    I feel so sorry about the death of Cloudmann, IT must bei so frustrating for Irene, the next Dog died in her arms.

  2. Ramos Laurence says:

    Je suis si triste de la perte de notre petit Cloudy.Sur ces photos ont peut remarquer la tristesse sur le visage de ses frères et sœurs.

  3. Denise says:

    These are beautiful pictures of all his friends saying goodbye, I miss Cloudy so much, Irene take all the time you need to heal, we will all be here when you decide to come back💔💔💔

    • sue mitchell says:

      Very true Denise. We will all miss Cloudman. He was so special. It is very painful for all of us who lived him and so heartbreaking for Irene. Yes Irene we will all be here for you when you are ready to come back and see us all. xx

  4. Lise says:

    It’s so hard to lose them. And you never get over it no matter how long a lifetime. The love and memories stay forever. So sorry Irene my heart goes out to you. Know that Cloudy is always with you like many others. Love and hugs

  5. Pam Yarrington says:

    This broke my heart, and the tears are falling. Cloudy’s siblings are so sad. ..they knew exactly what was happening. My heart hurts for all of you, and l am so very sorry for your loss Rest peacefully little Cloudy.

    • Charlane says:

      I didn’t know cloudy but what beautiful pictures. I would give anything to have pictures of my Harley he was my best friend for so long.14 years.

  6. Marisol says:

    I’m so sorry Irene, I feel your pain, he’s in heaven with all his siblings running and playing in the clouds, sending you hugs and comfort ❤️

    • Sharon Bone Brooks says:

      Irene my heart breaks for you, I know how much you loved Cloudy, such a beautiful soul you shared so many years with, when our hearts break they never fully mend, we just learn how to piece them together, I can fully understand how hard it is for you to be able to write about him, you must take all the time you need, such precious photos showing their goodbyes to their wonderful brother, and although I cried I wanted to say my goodbye to our Cloudnificent super spy, our handsome Cloudy, you will be loved and so missed little man, in my heart forever and in the hearts of all who loved you, but none more than your wonderful mom Irene, sending much love, hugs, strength and prayers to you Irene and all the family 😘❤❤💙🌈🙏🐾

  7. Mable says:

    Liebe Irene, Dein Herz ist gebrochen, ich fühle mit Dir. Deine anderen Hunde haben liebevoll Abschied genommen, das ist wichtig.
    Cloudy wurde so sehr von Dir geliebt, das hat er gespürt und er bleibt für immer in Deinem ❤️. Ich habe ihn nicht persönlich gekannt und doch aus der Ferne geliebt. Nimm Dir die Zeit, die Du brauchst. Alles Liebe für Dich!

  8. Sue Barbeau says:

    Animals grieve as people do. They offer comfort and love to their friend who is gone. These photos are actually quite beautiful ❤️

  9. Nicky says:

    My beautiful Irene, I have followed you for many years, and each passing of each baby you loose I cry with you, you are so brave to loose these beautiful dogs you care for. I have lost one dog and it haunts me every day , your courage astounds me … good night cloudy, sleep well and have fun with little belle and all your brothers and sisters xxxxx♥️

  10. Mandy says:

    Awww so sorry irene and all the fur family what a beautiful boy cloudy was i loved seeing his beautiful face the little spy face i have missed seeing his little stories it was an honor to meet you angel cloudy i will always remember you what a beautiful angel you are sending condolences and all my love to you irene and all the fur family R.I.P beautiful boy 🌈❤️🌈❤️🌈❤️🌈❤️

  11. John Nugent says:

    Dear Cloudy I Love You . You have brought so much Love and Joy to people all around the world you have gotten me through some bad days I was having and I want to say thank you. You are for ever in my heart your friend John Nugent

  12. Debbie says:

    Thank you for sharing these very private and special photos with us. My heart breaks for you and all of his siblings. There is comfort in knowing we will see them all again. Fly high sweet Cloudy 😇 🌈 🐾

  13. Andrea says:

    So sad. His friends got to say farewell to their little Buddy. Cloudy was a true warrior overcoming so much. Thank you Irene for your big heart and sharing the photos of his family saying See you later 😘 you can really see the sadness in their eyes. Hugs to them and you Irene ❤️‍🩹

  14. Edna Nunes says:

    It’s impossible not to get emotional when looking at these photos… Their love for Cloudy; they know their brother is gone… Cloudy will forever be in our minds and hearts because he was very, very special… ❤️🐾🐾Cloudy, watch over us from heaven, ok? My sweet boy, my sweet angel… We will love you forever!! ❤️🐾

  15. M.Jo-Anne Navarro says:

    Dear Cloudy, We all so enjoyed your “spy” stories and appreciate Irene’s sharing them with us. You are greatly missed and will never be forgotten. Run free at the Rainbow Bridge little one.

  16. Rebecca tilley says:

    We love u so much little cloudy I miss u so much u will allways be in my heart my little friend never for get u little man your friend for ever love allways Rebecca from the uk ♥️♥️😥😥

  17. Marion says:

    Dear Cloudy, I burst into tears as soon as I saw you, and then I stopped and became aware of each of your siblings saying goodbye. Each one Dear Cloudy you touched with your joy and laughter snd love-and you alwsys went with each one to the vet to comfort them. Now they are comforting you-touching your head gently, lying down beside you, Zahras eyes told the volume of her sadness and grief, and sweet Stephan bowed to you. Oh Cloudman, sweet Cloudy, you are an Angel in heaven now making the angels smile with joy, greeting all the dogs there. But sometimes when I think of you in heaven my Brest goes away and my heart just breaks. I love you with all my heart and soul. Peace sweet one, angels wings fit you, don’t forget to bark at mom Irene. Love Marion and Joey. ❤️

  18. Larissa says:

    So beautiful to see cloudy’s siblings saying their last goodbyes to him as he returns to the light…run free for eternity cloudy ….my thoughts are with you Irene as I know too well the pain of losing such a soul mate ❤

  19. Mrs. Janet Levenhagen says:

    Dear Irene thank you for sharing everything. Just imagine all of the missions that God has lined up for Cloudy. What a beautiful place the Rainbow Bridge must be. One day I will see my beautiful babies running to me. There are no words that will comfort, nor can time heal the pain. We all cry so many tears wishing for sweet sugars to wipe them away. Our angels take a piece of our heart with them which we never get back. Cloudy now its your turn to watch over your brothers and sisters and your mama Irene.

  20. Sue McMillan Davis says:

    Oh, Irene, I see these precious pictures through the veil of tears. Through your beautiful words and pictures of special times with Cloudy, I felt I was a part of his life too.

    Thank you for letting us in. In to know and understand about Cloudy’s passing, and the precious way his brothers and sisters said goodbye.

    May God bless you all, and give you a measure of peace, dearest Irene. With much love, Sue NcMillan Davis ❤️

  21. Thomasina Acker says:

    So many tears😢. I know you are with those that love you on the other side. You melted hearts all around the world. I sure will treasure the book of you and Rosie. There are no real soothing words for such a loss. But know he knew the love from you and those around the world. The spy missions and the quirky looks he would give. He will be missed by many❤️🐾💔🐾🌈 RIP SWEET ANGEL! Thank you for the stories💔

  22. Brenda Del Rosario says:

    What a wonderful way for the pups to say their own good byes to the greatest spy on earth! My heart is in pain, too. Rosie, now Cloudy. I have their book that I can continue to look at and love those precious faces knowing they crossed the Rainbow Bridge surrounded by so much love. This is hard for me, and I didn’t care for them like you did, Irene. Much love, prayers and light to you.

  23. Anita says:

    Lieve Irene,,bedankt om deze foto.s te delen 😘Zo triest en tevens mooi om te zien hoe de vriendjes rond Cloudy blijven zoals altijd met veel liefde en zorg omringd,,het verdriet en de leegte bij je kunnen we niet wegnemen dat zal tijd nodig hebben,,Een Super Dikke lieve knuffel..❤

  24. Elisabeth Baudoin says:

    So sorry for your loss, Each precious soul means a lot and Cloudy a lot more, he was so special and gentle. His fur Friends feel the loss too, it’s beautiful to see them aroud him for the last goodbye. Love to all your family ❤️.

  25. Sally Strutton says:

    Thank you Irene for sharing the special photos with us. Cloudy you were such a brave, special boy and gave endless joy to so many. RIP now little man and runnfree with your family – I am sure sweet Rosie was waiting for you with the others ❤️💔🐶

  26. Deb Millette says:

    Dear Cloudy, you made us all so happy with your sweet face. You brought Mama Irene so much joy. You will be missed precious boy. Continue on your spy adventures from above dear one❤️

  27. Susan Colley says:

    I’m so, so sorry, our precious spy has gone, he was so very special in so many ways, he touched so many hearts, I will miss him so much,
    It was lovely seeing all his siblings saying “Goodbye”,… Animals know much more than us, and they feel too…
    Cloudy is flying high, and is with you always, my thoughts and prayers are with you all at this very sad…. Time 🙏😢

  28. Susie says:

    Cloudy- you have been such an inspiration to so many. Your mom’s heart is broken and we all share her pain. Will miss you spymaster ❤️

  29. Stryx says:

    What a lovely goodbye to our super spy, the kids so close to him as, if they wanted to protect him and cherish as many moments as possible with their brother. I’m a bit emotional now, but I’m glad I’ve had the chance to meet this funny guy of yours, and following his spy adventure. Farewell Cloudy, run like a wind ❤️

  30. Susan wright says:

    Dear irene & family
    My heart breaks for you 🥲cloudy we miss you , you brought light to so many , watching those spytastic 007 adventures , you shined your love on us all 🫶🏼We’ll miss you like all the special family that went before you 💕enjoy having your beautiful spy assistant Rosie helping you on all your new adventures & tell them all we love & miss them but know you’re all in a beautiful place & mom & everyone will all see you again , until then stay close to mum irene & give her spytastic healing to help with her broken heart 💔, miss you our handsome cloudy 🥲💔so much love surrounded you that day ❤️Love & strength mom irene & family & all the fur babies 🫶🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹🌈🌹 forever in our hearts ♥️

  31. Mala says:

    I understand your heart broken, I miss them all,, I appreciate you sharing, I know it was hard, thank you.

    Words are simple not enough you express,

  32. Marie Poirier says:

    Dear Irene i am so sad for you and your family. I am sad that you loss your sweet Cloudy, we will miss him so much. Ty for sharing with us your family saying good bye to Cloudy, it was so touching and sad to see them say good bye to there brother. I love and miss you handsome angel Cloudy, run free with all your siblings in heaven sweet boy. <3

  33. Lillie Stender says:

    Thank you for sharing this final journey of Cloudy. It is so important for their pack to know what happened to their friend. When my Buddy died, be brought him home so that Coco could say her goodbye as well. You are an angel here on earth for all the dogs you have helped. Thinking of you at this most difficult time.

  34. Elke und Emily says:

    Dear Irene, I was really shocked when I read about Cloudys passing. He was such a lovely little spy and he always makes me smile. He went over the rainbow bridge and there is Rosie, his little sister and Belle and the other angels of your family. He is happy there and he is waiting …. some day he will see you again …. Rest in peace little spy !

  35. Sue Gregor says:

    Cloudy, our bright light, we love you so much. Our hearts are so broken. Distance didn’t lessen our connection and the beautiful impact you had on all of us. Each of your adventures brought us joy and made our hearts smile. We are eternally grateful for you. Hugs, Love, and Comfort to your whole family.

  36. Debbie Pollina says:

    Irene, I am so grateful you posted these pictures. Cloudy was a force, he will be sorely missed by his family at the sanctuary. Cloudy honored sweet Rosie when she passed. Those two were inseparable. Now, Cloudy had his family surrounding him before he was laid to rest. I just purchased the book about Cloudy and Rosie. I will treasure it always. My heart & prayers are wirh you as you navigate the world without your dear Cloudy. 🙏

  37. Anneke says:

    Lieve Irene, wat een groot verlies, nu Cloudy er niet meer is. Door jouw foto’s en teksten voel ik me erg verbonden met Cloudy en de andere honden. Wat een grote leegte, maar wat prachtig om te zien hoe de andere honden afscheid nemen, ieder op hun eigen manier. Ik wens jullie heel veel sterkte!

  38. Anne says:

    Irene I feel your pain, I loved how they all said there goodbyes to Mr Cloudman. As he was always there for them. RIP our Angel boy 💙💙💙 🐾🐾🌈xxxxxxxx

  39. Andre Destroismaisons says:

    Dear Irene i am sad for you and i understand your pain , i saw the pictures and i am very emotional and i have tears in my eyes. The death of Cloudy is a great loss for you and for us . We will never forget our little Spy . Cloudy will forever be in our hearts . Cloudy always loved never forgotten. xxx

  40. Laila says:

    Such a beautiful way to say goodbye for now cloudy is watching you from above he is your precious guardian angel sending you lots of hugs and Love ❤️

  41. Monica Molpus says:

    So sweet to see Cloudy’s friends saying goodbye. We mourn with you, Irene. Take your time. We will be waiting when you come back

  42. Jane Millward says:

    Dear Irene
    Such precious photos of Cloudy and his siblings saying goodbye, thank you for sharing these very personal pictures, all I can do is cry looking at these at the moment, I don’t know what to say he was so precious, I know you can never heal completely from losing something so very special to you and I hope you will feel a little better soon. Love and miss you Cloudy you beautiful angel ❤

  43. Stevie says:

    My heart is so sad that your little Spydog Cloudy is no longer with you and his siblings. He was such a sweet and precious boy. And these photos of his siblings saying their goodbyes to him are so beautiful….you can almost hear them whispering ‘so long dearest brother’.
    I love your posts Irene and I admire you tremendously for all you do.
    RIP precious Cloudy x Run free again with little Belle and all your siblings in heaven x

  44. Andrea Shuck says:

    Dear Irene, thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures of precious Cloudy with his siblings saying goodbye. I have the Cloudy and Rosie book and will treasure it even more now. Cloudy was such a beautiful soul. Again, take as long as you need to grieve. Your Facebook family will be here waiting for you. Love you, Irene. 🌷

  45. Terri Smith says:

    Irene, there are no words to comfort you as your family says their final goodbye to Cloudy through these pictures. It breaks my heart to know how much pain your heart is feeling and how his siblings understand his passing. Losing such a special pup is heartbreaking, I know only too well. Just know there are many tears shared with you & sending you hugs of comfort! Cloudy was a special little soul! 💔

  46. Philomena says:

    Beautiful pictures. My heart is braking seeing Cloudy laying there but the love that is surrounding him is heart warming The loss of him like the others is so terribly sad. To know that they are all together helps. Bless you Irene 😔

  47. Sonia Mckeown says:

    Thanks Irene for sharing these pictures of Cloudys family saying goodbye. So much love and respect shown to their dear friend. My heart breaks for you and your family as saying goodbye is the hardest thing to do. Cloudy was so special and loved . Will always remain in our hearts 💕 take time to heal. Sending big hug to you and Cloudys siblings. Xx

  48. Cheryl says:

    Dear Irene, I am so sorry about Cloudy leaving this earth, but rest assured he is over the bridge with all the others, no pain no illness. He had the best spy adventures, he was a sweet heart. He will be missed. Thank you for all you did for him, prayers for your heart to heal. It is never easy to loose our fur baby’s.

  49. Jo says:

    Thousand of people in their own way saying goodbye to Cloudy,but nothing more powerful then seeing his family saying goodbye to him. He was loved for his spying, he was loved just being himself and taking care of everyone else. Rest In Peace little spy you will surely be missed. ❤️

  50. Amy Monson says:

    Sometimes I think how do you do it,when you take these dogs to give them a life in the end and you’ve done it so many times seeing those pictures just reminded me of my gunther looking over Ginger when she passed. Cloudy had an amazing soul you could see it in his eyes and he enjoyed every moment of the life he had with you and I want to say thank you for all the dogs that you help, you are somebody with a beautiful heart and soul, and so very passionate about all these dogs and I cry every time I see one of your beautiful dogs go over the rainbow bridge, but let me tell you they are having a big ass party up there and they’re waiting for us. I am sending you Thoughts and love and peace and serenity.

  51. olivia thivat says:

    Je suis si triste d’apprendre le départ de Cloudy il rejoint lui aussi le pont arc en ciel en emportant un morceau de mon cœur

  52. Monica says:

    My heart hurts for you. I know the pain to well. Our Bandit went home last year. All his sisters wat he’d over him and said their goodbyes just as did yours. It took a few weeks till they became somewhat normal. I believe they are truly God’s angels here on earth. My hand reaches out to you in comfort. God bless you.

  53. Jutta Stangl says:

    I’m so very sorry for your big loss. 😢
    Please know we all feel with you 💔
    Cloudy is now with Rosie again and all his other siblings.🌈
    And he will be with you forever in your heart! ❤️

  54. Patty says:

    Sweet Angel Cloudy… You have always been such a kind and loving soul. Every day you shared with us, every adventure was a blessing. Love never dies and the love we have for you goes with you on this next journey. Fly high and run free Sweet Angel… I’m sure you’re in Heaven reunited with your siblings who have gone before you. Please watch over Precious Mama Irene and all your brothers and sisters who miss you dearly! 🙏💕🙏💕🙏💕🙏💕

    Dear Irene…. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your babies. Bless you for all you do. I truly believe that Angels walk among us… and I truly believe you are one.🙏💕

    Take all the time you need but please know we are here for you whenever you return! God Bless You and all the babies! 🙏💕

  55. Ellen thomas says:

    I’m so so sorry 😢 for your loss of Cloudy ⛅️ He will be forever ♾ be in your heart ♥️ your their angel 😇 high above! Bless your heart ❤️ for all you do! Love ❤️ prayers 🙏 hugs 🤗

  56. Dorinda Norrell says:

    What a wonderful tribute to precious Cloudy. Animals understand more than we give them credit for. All my animals said their goodbyes to a cat we had to help cross a few years ago. It was so sweet to watch them each tell her goodbye. Big hugs to you and prayers for your peace. Cloudy will always be in your heart.

  57. Shelly says:

    RIP Cloudy.🙏🏾🌈 We miss you so much. So sorry for you and your family’s loss Irene. Keeping all of you in my prayers. Thankyou for sharing Little Belle, Cloudy and all of your furbabies with us. God bless you.🙏🏾

  58. Patty says:

    I am so sorry❤️ Cloudy is with precious Rosie caring for her again❤️ You can see the love in all the dogs eyes❤️ I know it’s hard you need to take the time you need❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼For all of you. Something so special about our little man Cloudy. Much love to you all


  59. ANA MONTESINOS says:

    Cloudy’s goodbye was as sweet as he deserved. It must be very special to fly God’s arms being so loved. We’ll never forget you, dear Cloudy. Thanks Irene for all the love you gave him.

  60. Denise Weber says:

    I’m in tears… I can’t believe Cloudy is gone.
    I hope Cloudy is with Rosie in Heaven together.
    They need each other right now. They were so close.
    We will all miss Cloudy and his spy work.
    This was a big shock to all.
    May he Rest in Peace (RIP) 😢

  61. Sherri Mattiucci says:

    Irene, thank you so much for sharing these lovely photos. It is so beautiful to watch the reactions of Cloudy’s siblings. I lost my Duchess about two months ago, the evening before she became an angel, she was really weak and could barely stand or walk, my other dog Frankie who was never affectionate towards her, laid by her side and cleaned all of her paws, it was heartbreaking to watch. The unconditional love they give us in their short lives makes it so worth all the heartbreak we feel once they are gone. Sending hugs and prayers to you and your family! 🙏🌈❤️💕

  62. Bonnie says:

    I am so sorry. I just loved Cloudy. I enjoyed seeing all the pictures of him over the years. He just seemed so sweet. Thank you for posting the last pics, the love of his friends is just heartwarming. He will be sadly missed.

  63. Wilhelm and Missy Benton says:

    Cloudy would say: I am not gone. For I am forever a part of your hearts and souls. I am beside you now running and smiling.

    Irene, grieve for me no more for I am always with you – FOREVER!!

  64. Carolyn says:

    I didn’t want to look, but I am so happy I did. Watching the love of his family surrounding him warmed my heart and brought tears.

  65. Ethel Schmitz says:

    Dear Irene, I am so sorry for your loss and that of Cloudy’s whole precious family. My heart aches for all the family saying their goodbyes. The world has such precious memories of this Little Man. I will always treasure my book of Cloudy and Rosie’s Adventures. Two angels together again watching out for their family here. Again Irene, I’m so very sorry for your heartache. I love you Cloudy always!

  66. Susan says:

    So glad they all got a chance to say good by to cloudy ,that is so special. Sorry for your loss . Our thoughts and prayers are with you . 💙❤

  67. Selenia Nouger says:

    I am so sorry Irene. I have no words , I can see the sadness in every little dog that is in those pictures. Take your time, we still here and love you and your babies too.
    Greetings from San Diego,California 🇺🇸🇺🇸
    Selenia &Chloè Nouger

  68. Christine Adamski says:

    I have never seen animals show emotion like this. The look in their says it all. My heart breaks for you and all of Cloudy’s family💔😢. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving and caring for all your babies❤️🙏🏻

  69. vicki burk says:

    Still can’t believe he’s gone!! We seen his pictures one day he was smiling, and the next day was gone!! He was so full of love for life for you Irene and for everyone! Misses this little guy, sure wont be the same!! Take your time Irene, knows is very hard for you!! But you have another angel watching over you, knows isnt the same as having him beside you, but may help. Sending lots of love to you Irene and prayers!! Hold tight to the precious memories!!

  70. Donna says:

    Sweet Irene, thank you for sharing this with us. It’s beautiful that you gave the others some closure ❤️ and you are right, we sometimes never heal from these losses. I know I never have. You and your fur babies are in my thoughts and prayers 🙏

  71. Mary says:

    This is so heartbreaking . Irene thank you for sharing the final moments of Cloudy. I know the pain your feeling . My tears are flowing before I started looking at these pics of the babies saying goodbye to their brother. Giving them the closure . Prayers are with you and fur babies

  72. Hecuba says:

    Thank you Irene for sharing these beautiful photos. Words cannot take away the pain of losing a much loved and treasured family member. I know because I recently had to say goodbye to a very much loved kitty and whilst time can ease the rawness of pain it never fully takes away the heartache.

    Seeing your other family members say goodbye to Cloudy was so moving and to me essential because they will miss him.

    Cloudy was unique and brought so much joy and love to all his followers.

    RIP Cloudy and Irene hard as it is take good care of yourself.

  73. Cindy Jones says:

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful but sad photos. You are an amazing person filled with love. I will miss Cloudy and his ‘Spy Adventures’. I recently lost my Teddy girl after 18 years and there are no words for what I feel. God Bless you for what you do and who you are. 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

  74. Sandra Bennett says:

    This breaks my heart. I’m crying now. He is such a special boy. Thank you for giving him so much love. Our special friends have so little time with us that sometimes I wonder if it is worth it to have them in our lives. So much love and so much pain when they leave us. Who came up with this system? But it is not only because we love them that we do it but also because it is our duty to love and take care of them. Love you always precious Cloudman.

  75. Margaret says:

    Dear Irene
    Thank you for sharing the photos
    They are so beautifully bittersweet
    I see and feel so much sadness but I also see and feel so much love in those photos
    At this immensely difficult time know that your global family is united with you in your mourning and may our love transcend time and space and reach you in communion
    RIP Cloudy Love you🙏🏼❤️

  76. Surya says:

    Dearest Irene, I feel your pain so much.! I just couldn’t find the right words to express what I have been wanting to say, but, I will give it a try.
    You are incredible because of the love you give your precious babies, because of the difference you make to their lives, because you make them feel loved and safe, because you take such good care of them. That in itself is such an achievement, such a reason for you to be happy, in the knowledge that you gave so much of yourself to them.
    But what is equally incredible and worthy of praise is that you gently teach us to see and love your babies through your eyes. Although this may sound bad I regret to say that when I first saw Cloudy instead of seeing his beauty I saw his ‘deformities’. And then , as time passed, I saw ONLY his beauty, his wonderful spy nature and I grew to love him and all the incredible gang so much! You opened the eyes of my heart and you taught me to see so much beyond external looks.`
    So dear, sweet Irene you do not only change Cloudy’s world and the life of all your babies with your love but you teach us all to see better and deeper and to love all creatures not for their looks but for their inner beauty.
    I miss our spy so much and I am grateful to him for all that he shared with us.
    Please take your time to heal. We love you and each and every littlebelle precious soul.

  77. Aoibhin Foley says:

    So beautiful, such love and respect for Cloudy- poor doggies- such a loss for them and you- he us at the Bridge with all his family who gave gone vefore- reunited with Rosie- they’ll be watching over you all XXXX

  78. Jacqui says:

    Rust zacht lieve knappe cloud007 💔😔 wat ga ik je missen lieverd. Je maakte mij altijd aan het lachen hoe ik mij ook voelde……ik kreeg altijd een lach op mijn gezicht. Ik hou van je lieve knappe cloud007 Engeltje 😇🌹🙌😔 dankjewel voor het delen lieve Irene ❤️ hoe alle lieve hondenvriendjes afscheid nemen van hun cloud007 ❤️…….. Kanjer 😎✌️

  79. Pat Massey says:

    Dear Irene,
    I can’t begin to tell you how very sorry I am about Cloudys passing. I understand the heartbreak and the tears all too well. Cloudy was such a special little guy. I absolutely adored him. He could always make me smile. It is obvious looking at all his siblings faces just how sad they are and that they know what happened. Sending prayers for comfort and strength for you. Take your time with coping with all of this. Your many friends will be here when you get back. RIP Cloudy…best spydog ever. I love you and will miss you.

  80. Julia says:

    Wow! What love Cloudy’s friends showed him. You could even see the emotion on their faces and in their eyes. Cloudy will certainly be missed…he brought so much happiness and joy. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Irene. Thank you for loving and caring for so many of God’s fragile and precious little souls. RIP, Cloudman…💔🌈😔🙏🏼

    • Sue Mitchell says:

      You have written everything I wanted to say in your post Julia.
      We will all miss Cloudman including all his dear siblings. Poor Irene I can feel her heartbreak and pain.
      She is an angel herself for caring for these sweet animals and shows them so much love and care.

    • Vanina Soledad says:

      Irene, desde Buenos Aires- Argentina, te abrazo y te envío mucho amor y fuerza. Cloudy fue un perrito amado por vos y sus amigos. Es la mejor manera de estar y partir de este mundo: rodeado de amor. Siempre va estar en vos, y en todos los que lo queremos y seguimos sus aventuras.
      Te quiero mucho,

  81. Citlali says:

    Irene y los pequeños, va un abrazo fuertísimo para uds, lo lamento mucho. Para el mejor espía Cloudy amor, mucha luz y paz para su camino espiritual. Siempre en nuestro corazón 🤍💫🌈 te extrañamos

  82. Amanda George says:

    I honestly don’t know how you do it, Irene. I lost one of my boys and his passing was a horrendous experience but should have been peaceful, the vet screwed up. I have ptsd as a result and can never forgive myself for my boys awful death. Four years on and I’m crying as I type. I just don’t know how you cope with such loss so often. I’m sending you some of my broken pieces of heart to help mend a little bit of yours. Xxx

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