Lilly in Spain

During the summer 2020, Lilly was found in a home where the owner was very sick lying in bed, and he didn’t/couldn’t take care of Lilly for quite some time. When she was found, she was extremely skinny and malnourished, and her eyes were bad. She was taken to a kill shelter, but fortunately someone who works there has good contact with Isabel, and she always calls her when there are dogs that are old or sick. No one wants them, but Isabel does (if she is able to), which says a lot about her beautiful heart ❤
So, fortunately, Lilly came into Isabel’s care. She found out that Lilly has diabetes and started treatment right away. Her eyes got worse and had to be removed. Since then, she was waiting for her own forever home. Nobody wanted her because of her blindness and diabetes.
It took some time, but maybe it was meant to be, because finally I saw her and, as you can imagine, I was deeply touched. The resemblance with Little Belle is just breathtaking, but, of course, they are still both different, each with their own unique being. The first picture above is from the moment Isabel took her from the kill shelter. Her expression says everything, sensing that her life would change. She’s been through a lot, and it’s clear she is a fighter, a true warrior.
Welcome home, my little Lilly. I’m so happy and forever grateful you’re here with us now. You are so beautiful and special, and with us, you can just be who you are. I love you so much, my precious girl ❤
~ Irene

Lilly, just rescued

Lilly Home