Rosie ❤️

Rosie in Spain

Rosie is a 12-year old Chihuahua who was born in Spain. She was rescued from a puppy mill breeder but it is not known how many years she spent in the puppy mill. Rosie was saved by the same wonderful people who rescued Cloudman.

Since Friday, January 18, 2019, Rosie arrived home at Little Belle’s Magical Sanctuary and she immediately captured our hearts.  She is very tiny, only 5 lbs. Rosie misses quite some teeth, that’s why her tongue is often ‘hanging’ out of her mouth.

Cloudy and Rosie are best friends and are having lots of adventures, or better said ‘spyventures’ 🙂 , together.
Rosie is the most gentle and sweet soul, who loves life and being close to mom Irene all the time ❤️

In 2020, Rosie got several serious health problems. One of them was lung fibrosis. At the end of 2020, she was admitted to the hospital because she had trouble breathing. With the amazing support of so many beautiful friends around the world, we could buy a special oxygen bench so Rosie could continue with oxygen therapy at home. In 2021, she had days she needed oxygen but also many weeks she didn’t need it. She loved life so much and enjoyed it fully each and every day.
On July 31, she passed away. I can’t write about this last day yet, but know that I was with her and she went peacefully to the other side ❤️