Simba ❤️

In December 2004, Irene saw a picture of Simba on the internet and she immediately felt such strong and special feelings for her. Simba was in a shelter in Spain and Irene sent an email to the foundation to ask about her. The answer was quite disappointing because it turned out Simba was just adopted. Irene was very surprised because she had a very strong feeling that Simba belonged here and most of the time her feelings are right. So it felt sad, but we couldn’t change it.

Then suddenly, a few weeks later, Irene received an email with the question if she was still interested in Simba. Well, what do you think! It didn’t go well with the people who adopted her, Simba was very scared and they couldn’t handle her fears. So, at the age of 5,5 months, Simba found her forever loving home with Irene, Robert and Noeska.

The first months she was very scared, she didn’t come near and had a deep fear for a lot of things. Irene gave her all the space she needed, with no expectations, just being. One day, after 3 months, there was a wonderful moment which Irene will always remember. Simba approached here for the very first time and there, in that one beautiful moment, was a deep trust. From that day on this trust was unbreakable.

In the years following, Simba welcomed all the new members of our family with softness and understanding. Benji and she became real buddies right away. Together they have a lot of adventures, also during the night when they can go outside whenever they like. Simba loves to explore and to go to the beach and other special places. Her eyes tell everything about her happiness ❤️

On February 10, 2022, Simba passed away peacefully… After sharing life together for more than 17 years, it’s hard to live without her. She was always by my side. Simba gave so much joy, happiness and love. She was so gentle, so very wise. She also chose her own moment to transition to the other side, with me holding her. Always connected ❤️
~ Irene