Tommy in Italy and Germany

Tommy is a mini Pincher, born on December 13, 2012, in Italy. Tommy was attacked by a big dog and was severely injured. He spent a lot of time in the clinic and almost didn’t make it, but this little warrior wanted to live. Because of the attack, his back got injured and with longer walks, he needs a wheelchair.

In December 2020, Tommy joined our family, and while I’m writing this, he’s now 3 weeks with us. He is a very special boy, highly sensitive, very brave, and is slowly getting to know his family and his surroundings. While exploring in our garden, he can walk without a wheelchair. He’s very smart in how he moves around, so athletic and in balance. With walks, he loves his wheelchair and can go very fast, just like speedy Stefan.
We love him so much and hope that we will have many more years together with lots of adventures and magic ❤️