Updates dogs

October 2022


Lately, I regularly get the question how one of the dogs is doing. The last few weeks, I haven’t been able to post as much as normal, so it’s ‘normal’ you don’t always see all the dogs at the moment. But, as promised, I will try to give an update on each dog.
First, I will start with the oldest of our family, our sweet Lulu ❤ Did you know she’s already 6 years with us? Abandoned by her family in Serbia, she found her forever family here with us. The moment she arrived, she knew she was home.
She’s doing really well, especially considering her age. In December she will be 20 years old! She doesn’t have any serious health issues, only her skin/coat, and sometimes her ears, need more attention. Although being blind, she still loves to explore in the garden, and loves to feel the sunshine on her face.
The only thing we notice now that she’s getting this old, is that she’s sleeping a lot more. She can sleep all day long, but is always happy when it’s time to go outside or when it’s time for breakfast and dinner 😃
This picture of Lulu was taken in August of this year. Our beautiful sunshine girl 😃❤


Stefan was playing with his friend Koala, but then decided to say hi to you all 😃

Today an update on our sweet boy, although I don’t have much to tell because he’s just doing so well! He’s as strong and happy as always, loves to explore outside, and waiting for his big friend Robert to come home. Oh, and of course, racing in his wheelchair 😁 He only has to wait a little while before he can go on the road again because a part of his wheelchair is broken. Probably next week it will arrive and Speedy Stefan will be very happy, dreaming about lots of new adventures 😊❤


An update on our sweet Jessie ❤ She’s doing very well, as always. This picture was taken this afternoon while she was busy exploring. Yes, there is some sand on her nose and mouth, our famous landscape artist 😁

She digs a little less than before, but this has also to do with the colder and wet weather. I notice that nowadays she does prefer sunshine with her digging adventures. Of course, she’s also quite a senior now, more than 13,5 years old. No grey hairs yet, right, Jessie? 😊

To many more digging adventures and explorations, together with Twix, Jessie’s best friend ❤