Dear friends,  with a very happy heart and with great pride I can share with you that my Magical Birthday Auction raised the amazing amount of $ 4.977,60! Completely overwhelming for my Irene and me, and my whole family. We’re immensely grateful for your generous support which is such an enormous help for our Sanctuary. Thank you from our hearts, also for all the other (monthly) donations we receive besides the auction, a beautiful support which we will still need a lot.

Details Auction amount raised: 
Donated:   $  6025.00 (€  5.190,80)
Shipping costs:  $ 1.047,36 (€  902.35)
Total amount left:  $ 4.977,60 (€ 4.288,45)

As you can see, the shipping costs were very high. This was the first time we organized an auction and if there is a next time we’ll have to think about a way how we can avoid these high extra costs.

Like we promised, 10% ($ 497,76) of your donations will go to Bianca in Portugal, the shelter that rescued me. And 5% ($ 248.88)of your donations will go to another charity who could need extra help with a dog(s) in need. We will share pictures/stories once we know how the money will be spent by this organizations.

We can’t say enough thank you to all of you, it feels amazing all your wonderful love and support. That you all, in memory of our sweet little angel Little Belle keep supporting her family, our Little Belle’s Magical Sanctuary. Her magic continues, always ❤

Little Belle & Irene