Cloudy Christmas Mission

Last year, while I was thinking about Christmas and how we always try to do some kind of fundraiser to help our Sanctuary and Little Belle’s Dream, I see those images of Cloudy from previous years, and then I hear Cloudy’s words that he loves to help this year too. I had to smile so big because when I hear his voice so clearly, I am deeply touched and at the same time I feel this deep inner joy that he always gave, and still gives, me.

Cloudy’s Christmas mission was a BIG success, so also this year our angel Cloudy will have a special Christmas mission! Because Little Belle’s Dream needs a lot more help, this will be a fundraiser for our Sanctuary in Portugal.

Would you like to give us a Christmas donation, and help Cloudy with his mission?
Then click on the donate button below and add in message ‘Cloudy’s Christmas Mission’.

Cloudy says ‘Thank you! ❤️’