Little Belle’s Dream – Can you help us?

Little Belle
It all started with a little dog in a cage.  One look and I knew I wanted to give her a forever home and the best life she could ever have after ‘living’ in horrible conditions in a puppy mill for 12 years. Back then, little did I know that I not only changed her life but she also would change my life in a very profound way, as well as the lives of her family members, and of so many people around the world.

Her name is Little Belle

For more than 6 years we shared life together, went through some deep lows and many beautiful highs. Each and every day Little Belle embraced life with so much fire in her heart and soul. Even when she became blind, she found back her zest for life again and celebrated every day.
Her amazing strength, her deep joy, and her intense love lighted my heart. The bond we shared is a once-in-a-lifetime treasure I will always keep close to my heart.

Little Belle passed away in April 2017. She was my everything and the light in my heart stopped shining for a while… But I felt her so close to me, she didn’t really leave me, she was and still is by my side and in my heart.

Little Belle’s Magical Sanctuary
Because of her and in her memory I established Little Belle’s Magical Sanctuary in August 2017 – a place where we give senior dogs and dogs who are differently abled a forever home.  Every dog, whether young, old, sick and/or differently abled, has the right to live a happy and fulfilled life and to receive all the care each one needs with unconditional love. Their quality of life is equally important.

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, adoption and lifelong care of those who otherwise won’t have much chance to find a home.

One year later
In one years time, we’ve already built up a wonderful sanctuary, with a lot of support from many of Little Belle’s friends around the world.
Only, the place where we live now is not ours and we really need to have our own place where we can continue our Sanctuary, to fulfill our dream to give many more animals in need a forever home.

Another part of that dream is also to give people the opportunity to experience a whole other way of living with horses and dogs. To feel and learn more about life through the animals with a true understanding for who they are, to learn more about themselves and the other, to explore the world together, to grow, to feel the magic Little Belle always experienced and shared with the world, inspiring thousands of people.

It took a while to find the courage to ask for help but when so many friends responded with an enormous heartwarming support writing that a fundraiser would be a great idea, I knew I just had to create this GoFundMe page in order to help our animals so we could to continue with the work we do.
We don’t know an exact location yet, the area where we are searching for property is pretty big, it can be France, Spain or Portugal. Of most important to us is to find the right place for us, for our whole family of dogs and horses. The place of our dreams is waiting for us but we first need to have enough finances to make this possible. My husband Robert and I are working hard every day and are saving toward our dream, but now we realize it’s time to reach out to others for help.

Would you like to help us?
Would you like to be part of continuing our Sanctuary where we can help so many more animals in need?

There where the Magic happens ❤️


Irene, Little Belle & family
Little Belle’s Magical Sanctuary

How to donate: https://littlebellesmagicalsanctuary.org/dream/donate/

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/LittleBelleDog
Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/littlebelle1/
Stories of Little Belle, Irene and all the dogs, see:  https://littlebellesmagicalsanctuary.org/about/