For Little Belle’s Dream

Be an Ambassador
Would you like to serve as an Ambassador for our non-profit organization Little Belle’s Magical Sanctuary, so that you can help raise money for our very special fundraising Little Belle’s Dream?

As Ambassador your name will be mentioned on our website and below you can find the gifts Little Belle and her family want to give you for helping us reach our goal.


  1. Ambassador Daisy –  Find 10 people who would like to donate $ 100.00- Your gift is a Little Belle T-Shirt or bag from our Boutique, with either the quote ‘Feel the Magic’ or ‘See with your Heart’..
  2. Ambassador Sunflower – Find 20 people who would like to donate $ 100.00
    – Your gift is to choose one item from the Boutique which you would like to have the most.
  3.  Ambassador Tulip – Find 30 people who would like to donate $ 100.00
    – The same as Sunflower, plus one day, when we have our own place for the Sanctuary, you’re invited for a private tour at the new Sanctuary, given by Irene, surrounded by all the animals.

We gave the Ambassador flower names in honor of Little Belle and one day, when we’ll have our own place for the Sanctuary, we will plant those flowers and near them, we will show the Ambassadors names.

To do
• Make a list of the people who could and would give a $ 100.00 donation.
• Contact them by email or in person, and send them our brochure. Share with them about the number of dogs and horses we want to help who are old(er) and differently-abled, the educational visits we want to offer to people to learn and to be inspired, and the larger property we need to make this dream a reality.

• When all of your donations are received, we will send you an email to thank you from our hearts that the goal is reached, and you will receive your selected gift from Little Belle.

We hope to gather lots of amazing Ambassadors!
Little Belle will have a big smile for sure, as we all will ?

We have created a brochure in which we provide all the information about our Sanctuary and Little Belle’s and our Dream. We’ll send this brochure to you so you can use it when reaching out to people. It’s also possible to download the brochure: 

Email us
Send us an email at info@littlebellesmagicsalsanctuary if you would love to be an Ambassador or if you have some questions first.

Thank you and love ❤️
Little Belle, Irene & Family