Benji’s Birthday Raffle

Benji celebrates her 12th birthday!

Many friends expressed that they love to join our special birthday raffles. Everyone who likes to give a donation as their gift to Benji will also help with Little Belle’s Dream 😊

And also this time, you can win a mug created by Claudia Bauer from Germany, isn’t it beautiful?!
‘Benji – Recipe of Happiness’ ❀️
There will be two mugs in the raffle. One mug will be donated by Claudia, and one will be paid with the donations for the raffle.

Raffle card = FULL!

It’s very simple, on this card you can choose one, or multiple, number(s).
Each number = a $10 donation
Two numbers will be the winners!

How can you choose a number(s) and donate:
1. Send an email at with which number(s) you would like to choose. Please, also choose some extra reserve numbers, just in case. This helps save time emailing back and forth.
2. Wait for a reply if this/these number(s) is/are still available.
3. If yes, you can donate for Benji’s Birthday Raffle by clicking on the Donate button at the bottom of this page. You don’t need a PayPal account, you can also donate with a credit card.
4. Please add that your donation is meant for Benji’s Birthday Raffle.

We will update the raffle card regularly so you can see which numbers are already chosen.

Let’s make Benji’s birthday a beautiful one! 😊
Thank you  ❀️
Little Belle, Benji, Irene & family