Christmas Gift

Christmas Gift for Little Belle’s Dream

Angel Little Belle & Secret Santa Cloud

For our family, we would like to do something special for Christmas which will help us to raise more money for Little Belle’s Dream.
We would love to receive lots of Christmas cards from all our friends around the world, and if it’s possible for you, you can add a little donation to it. This can be just $1, or $5, or $10, or more…😊 Just what feels good for you ❤️

Note: People asked if a cheque or money order is okay but that’s not the best option because in the Netherlands collecting cheques costs a lot of money. So cash would be a better idea. We understand that smaller amounts could give a safer feeling when sending it by mail. If you would like to donate a bigger amount and don’t feel good about sending it with a card, you can better use PayPal (you don’t need a PayPal account). You can find a Donate button here:
Please add with your donation ‘Christmas Gift’ so we know it’s meant for Little Belle’s Dream. 

There is an extra  fun part of this Christmas Gift; Secret Santa Cloud will personally pick 3 cards and these persons will receive a nice present 😊

Our mailing address is:

Angel Belle & Secret Santa Cloud
Langereis 42
1733 ME Nieuwe Niedorp
The Netherlands

With your help, we can make Little Belle’s Dream come true!  ❤️

Thank you!
Angel Little Belle & Secret Santa Cloud