Little Belle’s Birthday Raffle

For Little Belle’s birthday on May 5th, we created this beautiful idea to raise money for her and our Dream.
In memory of her, we would like to offer very special gifts you can win with this raffle, so we have chosen 12 beautiful pictures of her on canvas.
Because each dog in our family wants to join this raffle, to honor their angel sister, every one of them will offer one picture of Little Belle on canvas. Little Belle and Irene will offer one canvas together, and Tualek and Twix do the same.
You can choose which dog, or dogs, you would like to support.

At home, we have 12 glass jars with the names of the dogs on it. When you donate $10 for one of the dogs, your name will be written on a paper and put in the jar of the dog of your choice.
Of course, you can also donate twice or more for this particular dog, when you maybe like to especially win this specific canvas. Your name will be put in the jar as many times you’ve donated. It’s also possible to donate for several dogs or all the dogs together.

One dog : $ 10.00
All 12
dogs + extra gift : $ 100.00

The extra gift is a canvas with a picture of your dog! Maybe a dog who is still alive or like Little Belle also is an angel ❤️

Steps to take:
– Click on a picture (or pictures) below, to choose your dogs/canvases! In the middle of your chosen picture, a check mark will appear.
– Below the pictures, you will find a field where you can fill in your name and email address.
– After that, the page opens again. Scroll down and you will see a field with the words ‘Thank you for joining Little Belle’s birthday raffle! You can find a donate button on the bottom of the raffle page:
– You can click on the PayPal button (you don’t need a PayPal account) to donate for your chosen dog(s)/canvas(es).

If you have any questions, please let us know at:

Thank you and enjoy this beautiful and unique raffle! ❤️
Little Belle, Irene & family

The pictures/canvasses (Of course, the canvasses will be without the other dogs on it 🙂 ) :