Little Belle’s Dream Raffle

A new raffle for Little Belle’s Dream! 😊
This time, you can win a beautiful mug with one of Little Belle’s favorite pictures and quotes. Isn’t that magical? ❤️

The first raffle will start with this beautiful mug – Little Belle between the pink tulips and her quote:

‘We all have to find our own path in life, feel what makes you happy and follow your heart.’

Raffle Card

It’s very simple, on this card you can choose one, or multiple, number(s). Each number = a $10 donation.
When the card is full with little pink flowers, Little Belle will reveal the winning number!

*** FULL! ***

How can you choose a number(s) and donate:
1. Send an email at with which number(s) you choose. 
2. Wait for a reply if this/these number(s) is/are still available. 
3. If yes, you can donate for Little Belle’s Dream Raffle by clicking on the Donate button at the bottom of this page. You don’t need a PayPal account, you can also donate with a credit card.
4. Please add that your donation is meant for Little Belle’s Dream Raffle.

We will update regularly so you can see which numbers are already chosen.

Let’s make Little Belle’s and our Dream come true!   😊
Thank you