Oil Painting for Little Belle’s Dream

We have a beautiful new idea to raise more funds for Little Belle’s Dream. This is a unique offer that will probably not happen often 😊
As a Christmas gift, we would like to do an online raffle in which I offer to create a unique oil painting of your dog. As probably some of Little Belle’s friends know, one of my passions is to paint animals. I love to create a unique piece of art where the uniqueness of each individual animal is visible and tangible. To see and feel the expression that touches the heart.

I’ve painted 3 oil paintings of Little Belle, and this is Little Belle’s oil painting ‘Happy Heart’.
As you can imagine, it takes a lot of time to create such a detailed oil painting so, at first, I was a bit hesitant to offer this, but since I love to paint, and we really need to raise more funds to be able to continue with Little Belle’s Sanctuary, I decided to offer this unique chance to win an oil painting of your dog.

Little Belle’s oil painting Happy Heart

Normally my oil paintings cost around $2000,00 , and now is your chance to win an oil painting of your beloved dog for just $100.
If you don’t win the oil painting, your donation will be a beautiful Christmas gift for Little Belle’s Dream ❤️

How to join the raffle?

When you like to join the raffle, before you donate, please send an email with a picture of your dog (more pictures is even better so I will have more choice). 
I must have a good feeling about the picture so I hope you’ll understand when I can’t accept certain pictures. Of course, together we will try to find the best picture of your dog. After the picture is approved, you can join this very special raffle.

Oil painting of Cloudman

About sending pictures to email: 

  • Only clear and high-quality pictures (high resolution of at least 2 MB).
  • Only photos of the dog’s face and part neck.
  • The photos must be taken at eye level or slightly above, and face has to be in focus.
  • Best is to take pictures outside in natural light.
  • There might be objects in the background but those will not be added in the oil painting. The background will be a mixture of soft colors.

About the oil painting:

  • It will take about 6 months to finish the oil painting.
  • After this, it will need to dry for about 6-9 months.
  • Altogether, it will take about one year when it’s finally possible to send the oil painting to the winner.

We’re looking forward to receiving lots of emails with beautiful pictures of your dogs. You can send your pictures to: info@littlebellesmagicalsanctuary.org

When your picture is approved, we’ll give you the information about how to donate.

We do need a certain minimum number of participants, otherwise it’s not possible to make this happen.

We also like to open a special FB page where all contestants can show the picture of their dog that’s in the raffle. So we can share all the beautiful dogs we love so much.

Thank you and love ❤️
Little Belle, Irene & family

Little Belle’s oil painting ‘Wise Soul’ ❤️