Raffle A Spy’s Wish

Hi, I’m back! So many friends said they would love to participate in my spy raffles again, so here I am 😊

Together we can help with Little Belle’s and our Dream ❤️

We will start this raffle with 2 different spy mugs, thanks to Claudia Bauer who donated them!
It works the same as the previous raffles. On these cards you can choose one, or multiple, number(s).
Each number = a $10 donation
Under one number I am hiding… Being the number 1 spy around the world, I am very good at this…
So, under which number on each card am I hiding…? 

Spy Card 1

Spy Card 2

How can you choose a number(s) and donate:
1. Send an email at info@littlebellesmagicalsanctuary.org with which card you choose and which number(s). 
2. Wait for a reply if this/these number(s) is/are still available. 
3. If yes, you can donate for A Spy’s Whish Raffle by clicking on the Donate button below point 4. You don’t need a PayPal account, you can also donate with a credit card.
4. Please add that your donation is meant for A Spy’s Wish Raffle.

We will update regularly so you can see which numbers are already chosen.

Let’s make together Little Belle’s Dream come true! 😊

Thank you  ❤️
Cloudman a.k.a. Cloud007