Together we will continue with Little Belle her mission which includes several important topics:

  • Helping dogs in need, to give a home to the old(er) dogs, and dogs who are sick or differently abled. We know that Belle would want many other dogs to experience what she did for over 6 years after 12 years of severe suffering. To finally live life to the fullest with love, joy, happiness, and lots of magic!
  • We will continue to support Bianca shelter in Portugal, the organization that saved Belle. They have a lot of animals under their care and will need all the help they can get. In addition, we will also support other charities.
  • To inspire people to look different at animals who are differently abled. Being differently abled or not being able to do something does not mean that there is no possibility of a wonderfully full life. Quality of life does not depend on what you are capable of, but how you perceive and enjoy life.
  • Raise awareness about the cruelty of puppy mills. Belle lived for almost 12 years in a puppy mill and experienced the most horrible circumstances and severe neglect that so many dogs still do every day. Together we can change the world.
  • Encourage people to adopt since there are so many animals waiting for that one forever home to finally experience true love and a forever family.