Financial update April 2018

Dear friends of Little Belle,

Last year, in August 2017, Little Belle’s Magical Sanctuary was founded in memory of our dearly beloved Little Belle who passed away on April 25th, 2017. Because of her, we created this very special place where we give senior dogs and dogs who are sick or differently abled a forever home, a forever family. Here they can be completely themselves and enjoy life to the fullest.

From August until end of March,  our Sanctuary has received an amazing amount of donations with the total amount of €4590,77 ( $ 5.679,70)

With many dogs who had a hard life before they came to us, we also have a lot of (medical) costs. In the same period, the total amount of costs were € 4217,21 ($ 5.219,22)
Then, 10% of your donations go to shelter Bianca in Portugal, the organization that rescued Little Belle:  € 459,08  ($ 567,974)
And 5% to other charities: € 229,54   ($ 283,987)
We will give updates when we know how this money is spent.

As you can see, the overview shows a negative balance of  € 315,06   (-$ 389,79)
But since the end of March, there are new donations so the Sanctuary’s account is doing better now.  Still, we can use your help a lot since we have many new high costs with the care for Rex. If you like to donate, see:
Thank you!

Suzana Narat,  a member of our Finance Committee, checked the finances and found everything in order. You can read her response below. Thank you, Suzana, for your help again
If you have any questions about this overview, you can either send an email to or to Suzana Narat at

We’re immensely grateful for all your love and support, thank you from our hearts, and a special thanks from our little angel Little Belle who made this all possible. Because of her we have this beautiful Sanctuary and because of her we have so many beautiful friends all over the world.

She is, and always will be, our dearly beloved little girl, our magic and inspiration  ♥

Irene, Little Belle’s mom & family
Little Belle’s Magical Sanctuary

Dear Irene.

I am writing to verify documents and financial overview regarding the finances of Little Belle’s Magical Sanctuary.
– The period from start Sanctuary until end 2017
– First quarter 2018.
I have crosschecked the Bank statements with relevant invoices and donations, finding to my best knowledge everything to be in order.

A few months ago Irene asked me to write a little bit about myself, which I found really difficult, as one can imagine. I am so ordinary and going about the life as best and as polite as I can, hoping that my footprint will not harm anybody in the process. I am a wife to most amazing man and a mother to wonderful young man and we all adore our fur baby Bella.I am like a trapeze artist and walking on a fine line, trying to find balance. Next to my little, but beautiful family, my passion is a wellbeing of all animals, so I became a vegetarian, I love nature and healthy environment so I recycle, I am passionate about the goodness in people, so I am writing to you.

I had an absolute pleasure to meet Irene and her family, albeit only on FB, ( hoping one day we will meet in person) and my admiration and respect grows each day for her as a person, her deeds and her dedication to save and make life for underprivileged and different able animals so much more rewarding and so much better.

For your donations, I thank you all!  Your donations are a gift, your help is invaluable, your time is much appreciated and your efforts are rewarded in the most beautiful ways.

Kindest of regards,
Suzana Narat, Australia