Food and other supplies

A while ago, in a post on Facebook and Instagram I mentioned Lilly’s and Kira’s special food and the supplies they need for checking their glucose levels every day, Many people immediately responded they would love to help with this, but also with food and supplies for the other dogs. So beautiful and very heartwarming ❤️
I tried to find a way where people could order the food and/or supplies themselves, but unfortunately, this seems not possible.
The food is only available without a prescription in the Netherlands (and I believe also in Belgium and Germany). The websites are in Dutch, so it’s not easy to order the needed items on those websites. Of course, you could always try, maybe you will succeed 🙂
Donations directly to our Sanctuary’s account are very welcome, too, also this way we are able to buy the food we need for all the dogs. You can find a direct link to PayPal (you don’t need a PayPal account) here: (please add where your donation is meant for).
For people who live in the Netherlands and Belgium, or maybe other countries, below I will mention the websites where I always order the diabetic and renal food, the supplies, and the food for the other dogs. If you would like to send food/items, please send me an email at so I can give you our mailing address.

Thank you so much ❤️
Little Belle, Irene & family

For Kira & Lilly

For Tommy & Lulu

Both Tommy and Lulu have very sensitive tummies and can only tolerate the food below:

Venison with Potatoes, Apples & Lingonberries (Wild mit Kartoffeln, Apfel & Preiselbeeren)

Beef with Courgette, Squash & Oregano (Rind mit Zucchini, Kurbis & Oregano)