Helping others

As we share on our ‘Support’ page, we also would like to help other animals in need, and therefore we will support other charities as well. From your donations, 10% will go to Bianca and 5% to other charities.

One of the charities that we will support on a regular basis is shelter Bianca Association in Portugal, the organization that saved our Little Belle.

April 2018
Donated € 459,08
A big help for Bianca since they had Parvo in the shelter. Sadly, 4 puppies died. A lot of others survived thanks to the wonderful care of Bianca.

July 2018
Donated $ 497,76
With the 10% of the raised donations at Little Belle’s Magical Birthday Auction, see  , we will support little Tomy.

He was found on the streets and they brought him to shelter Bianca in Portugal. He is only 5 months old and has a neurological dislocation. After examing him, he was diagnosed with  “Avulsion of the brachial plexus”. At the moment he’s getting physiotherapy treatments, using massage to try if he can recover. Most probably this won’t help him enough and a leg amputation will be necessary. This surgery will cost around 700 dollars (€ 600,-)

A video of Tomy where you can see him walk:

Thank you for your amazing support, this way we can together help other animals in need too!


After every new financial update, we will look for animals who need extra help.

May 2018
Donated € 229,54

This time, we will support little Murphy from organization Asociación Protectora de Animales – Almohadillas Felices in Spain.  He is 10 years old and lived in a little cage in a puppy mill for all these years.  He has Leishmania and a disease called Peripheral Polyneuropathy. He couldn’t walk anymore, but with the amazing care of  Cristina Garcia Diaz, his foster mom,  he is improving day by day. He gets special treatments;  laser therapy, physiotherapy and also aqua therapy, which of course cost a lot of money. Therefore, we would like to support this brave little warrior with the 5% of your donations.
Videos of Murphy:
Video 1
Video 2

Murphy his album on FB:  Murphy

February 2019

This is Luke, a Maltese who was rescued from the same puppy mill breeder as our little Rosie. The first time I saw the top picture I had tears in my eyes… As you can see, he is in a terrible condition, and when I heard how old they think he is, 18 years…, I cried. He suffered for so long…
But I like to focus now on the positive, he is saved!  Along with others who you can see in the bottom picture.

He will need surgery to clean his teeth, his mouth is in very bad shape. Also, his eyes are very bad and they’re going to look at them and see how they can help him. 
From your donations, we transferred 5% ($ 367,00) to Asociación Protectora de Animales – Almohadillas Felices in Spain ( to help with the veterinary costs for Luke.
A video of Luke:

Thank you all for your wonderful support, together we can do so much more <3