Support Twix, Cloudy, Simba and Kintana

The coming two weeks we’ll have very high medical costs for Twix, Cloudman, Simba and Kintana. It’s never easy to ask for help but as many of you know, the last months we already had a lot of health issues with several dogs and now with these upcoming medical expenses, it’s really a lot for the Sanctuary. So, we would like to ask help from Little Belle’s friends.

To give an idea of the estimated costs:

Ultrasound heart (including consult internist) Cloudman : € 300 ($ 340.00)
Ultrasound heart (including consult internist) Simba :€ 300 ($ 340.00)
Ultrasound heart (including consult internist) Kintana :€ 300 ($ 340.00)
Total :€ 900 ($ 1020.00)

Update July 11: The total costs were higher than estimated because of Kintana who needed extra tests. The total was : € 1250 = $1400.00

Surgery Twix : € 1200-1600 ($ 1350 – 1800)

Total estimated costs: € 2450 – 2850 = $ 2750 – 3200

Update July 17: Total costs surgery Twix: € 1230,39 ($ 1380)
> In just 2 weeks, we have received an amazing amount of donations that covers all the medical costs for Twix, Cloudy, Simba and Kintana of the last week! The total amount of donations is: € 2900 ($ 3250) !! As you can see, we even received around € 300 ($ 335) more which will help a lot for the upcoming costs of Kintana’s treatment, Emi’s blood test, and extra medicines we need.
Thank you all so much! ❤️

We also had the blood tests of Emi and Kintana ($300), and Kintana will also need treatment for probably active Leishmania again, so the costs are even higher.

A while ago I shared the ages of all the dog in Little Belle’s family, almost all above the 10 years old. Stefan is our youngest, now 9 years old. Cloudman is 13, Rex 15, Jessie 10, Benji 11, Twix 11, Tualek 11, Rosie 11, Kintana 12, Lulu 15, Emi 14, Simba 15. At these older ages, they often need more medical care, and, of course, we only want the best for them.

Would you like to help us?
You can click on the button below to donate (you don’t need a PayPal account, you can also donate with a credit card). Or donations directly via PayPal:
Please add that your donation is meant for the Sanctuary’s medical expenses.

Thank you so much ❤️
Little Belle, Irene & family