Every great dream begins with a dreamer

Dear friends of Little Belle,

As many of you know, the last months were really busy because of lots of health issues of several dogs. The daily care for them, and the visits to the vet and the specialists, took a lot of time and energy.

In my latest blog, I wrote about why I couldn’t travel yet to investigate different areas in Spain and Portugal. Although there is not really news to share, I think it’s time for a new update, especially because of the Sanctuary’s fundraiser for Little Belle’s and our Dream which many of you support so beautifully.

I don’t know how many of you have knowledge about what Lyme disease means, but the fact is that Lyme is not so easily gone. This will take time, and how long exactly is just not known. We can only take one day at a time. Often, I have a lot of pain and intense fatigue. I follow treatments to destroy the bacteria, but just like for example the bacteria Twix had, this one isn’t so easy to get rid of either.
Therefore, I’ve no idea yet when I will feel good enough to travel again. It will probably be somewhere next year but I’m just not able to give an exact time frame because we all know how life can change


Of course, the fundraiser for Little Belle’s Dream is as equally important as always. Perhaps it’s even better to first raise more funds before I travel because this will hopefully give more space to be able to buy our own place. What if I would find the perfect place for our Sanctuary but we don’t have the funds yet? The prices for properties are high, and we do need to find a really good and safe place for all the animals.

I am thinking a lot about what’s best to do once we’re able to travel and search for our own place. To travel for a long period of time is just not the best option because of the care of all the dogs here at home. Especially the last months we’ve experienced even more how much (medical) care is needed for our dogs who are already pretty old. I have no answers for this yet. If anyone has ideas you can always send us a message.

Never give up
Sometimes I get questions about our living situation. I can’t share everything online but know that for now, we have found a temporary solution for this. It isn’t ideal at all, and it can change anytime, so it still gives a lot of uncertainty. This uncertainty, the unknown, can be scary at times.
In those moments I always think of Little Belle, how she always so incredibly brave faced the challenges on her path. Then I know and feel again that the heart always knows and will lead us the way. With Little Belle’s spirit close to mine, I keep working hard for Little Belle’s and our Dream. Only this, and the amazing help of all our supporters, will give our Sanctuary the opportunity to have our own place one day, so we will be able to continue to give the old and differently-abled dogs a forever home and family. So many are waiting…

If you have any ideas on how you can help us, or know ways to raise more funds, please let us know!

Thank you, Little Belle’s magical family on Facebook and Instagram, your beautiful love and support makes us smile and warms our hearts every single day ❤️

Irene, Little Belle’s mom & family

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”
~ Harriet Tubman

One thought on “Every great dream begins with a dreamer

  1. Robin Michelson says:

    Irene ,
    I wish I had the answer for you . Your right , like Little Belle never give up , keep moving towards your beautiful dream , as it will come one day soon . If I had the funds to give you , I mist certain I would . . I believe in everything you stand for , and I’ve told you before , you are also an true inspiration , just like Little Belle to me .
    I know it’s not easy besides the dealing with the health of all your beautiful dogs and your own Lyme disease too . Honestly I worry about you how your feeling and about you traveling .
    I definitely think it’s a good idea to raise more funds before searching for a property.

    I know someone mentioned once about getting support from company to back you financially :
    *Your family of dogs would represent the company ( by you endorsing their product or something )
    I don’t if you would honestly be comfortable with this unless it is something you believe .

    I will always continue to support you , to help , I believe in everything you do . You are one very special lady and I wish there were a lot more like you .
    Your friend Robin ❤️

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