Lulu ❤️

In July 2016, we were very happy to welcome Lulu in our family. Forever home after so many years!

We don’t know much about her past, she was born in Serbia and at the age of 15 she was abandoned at the front door of a vet. They brought her to the shelter and there she lived for more than 2 years.
When Irene saw her, her heart cried for this little girl who spent her days in a little kennel all alone. Considering that she is also blind it must have been very hard for her. The people in the shelter did all they could to give her the best care, but with around 500 dogs they take care of daily, you can imagine there was not much time left.

With us, she can have the best life possible, to be part of a family, to be herself, live in a warm home, and most of all, to feel loved unconditionally. Although she is already very old, we hope that she will experience life to the fullest.

At the age of more than 20 years old, our dearly beloved little girl passed away on July 8, 2023.
She enjoyed life fully every day, and even on her last day she was exploring the garden with so much joy, as she always did.
Feeling happy and loved, she went to the other side. Our golden girl was the happiest girl ever and will be forever in our hearts ❤️