Saying goodbye to Tualek

On Monday, January 20, after a devastating, very short and unfair battle, we had to say goodbye to our beautiful little boy Tualek ❤️
Below, I will share pictures of several of our dogs (I wasn’t able to take a picture of everyone) who said their own goodbyes to their brother.
You will see that Twix had, and still has, a very hard time comprehending what happened to his best friend in life. From the moment, more than 4 years ago, Twix joined our family, he chose Tualek as his best friend. He followed him everywhere.
For 3 days, Tualek was in our home. The other dogs did immediately understand that Tualek passed away, and after just looking and smelling one or two times, they kept their distance. But Twix didn’t leave his friend’s side. You will see several pictures of him during those days.

On Thursday, we softly put Tualek in his grave. Still, Twix didn’t leave his side. It was truly heartbreaking…
We decided to keep the grave open until Twix was ready. After 2 days, nothing changed, Although my heart cried for Twix, and with my own grief, I had the feeling it was best to close the grave today.
If you don’t like to see pictures of Twix on Tualek in his grave (you won’t see Tualek), then don’t scroll down.

I hesitated if it’s a good idea to share all these pictures. It’s so touching, precious, vulnerable, and private. But it also shows how deep the love for their siblings is, and always will be. They grieve as much as we do, sometimes even more, missing the best friend they had in life.

~ Irene

77 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to Tualek

  1. Thomasina says:

    I am so sorry Irene. So touching to see them all and how they said their goodbyes. Thank you for sharing these photos. I know how hard this is, I’ve been through this also. Losing a fur baby is always hard especially when they were so loved and know how and where they came from. I know he was loved by you and lived a beautiful life while he was with you. Thank you for taking suck good care of him and all of them. They know you love them with all you heart. Little Belle is making sure he is where he needs to be. No one left behind! ?❤️?❤️

  2. Horace says:

    Thank you for sharing. ?
    It breaks my heart to see so many sad looks, and to see how Twix suffers. I hope Twix will soon be a bit better. I hope you will all feel a bit better.

  3. Maria says:

    OMD beautiful Twix how you loved your precious brother Tualek. My heart is crying for you too. These pictures made me cry so much. How difficult this must be for you and for your Mommy. Would love to hug you Twix and tell you that it will all be okay, but no-one can not even your beautiful Mommy. My thoughts and heart are with you Irene, Twix and family. This is so heartbreaking.

    • Debboe McAvoy says:

      My heart is broken for all of you, especially Twix. We as humans have the capacity to understand even though we may not like it. On the other hand I’m not sure what Twix thinks and understands. Sending love and prayers for all of you. ❤️?

  4. Maureen Jordan says:

    How wonderful of you to have Tualek there for his brothers & sisters to “pay their respects” and grieve. Yes, they are just like us and need to have closure. Poor Twix, I think that having Tualek’s blanket & some extra loving, she will eventually start to come around. Thoughts, prayers & many hugs for you and all your fur babies.

  5. Françoise says:

    Oh my little Twix. Tualek is now a beautiful angel together with Woody, Noeska, Raquel, Sun and Queenie. They all together wake over you and your family. I love you very much sweet Twix. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  6. Theresa says:

    So very sorry for your loss Irene. You are a special, loving person. Thank you for sharing. How fortunate all your animals are to have you! Keeping you in my heart! XOXO!

  7. Judy Beckham says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these special moments. I am sitting here writing this crying. Twix and Tualek had a special bond as you can see in these photos.❤ My heart just breaks for Twix and all of you.? Tualek is with Little Belle now and they are both watching over you. Love and prayers to all of you. ❤❤❤???

  8. Gail Marceaux says:

    My heart breaks for you all but most especially for our dear little Twix. I was so worried when you first said that Tualek was terminally ill that it would hit him hardest and apparently it has. Twix is now like a ship without an anchor to hold him safe at home. Tualek was his anchor, he kept Twix feeling secure. We all grieve in our own ways and Twix’s grief is deep and will take a long time to recover from. I hope he finds another anchor soon and doesn’t allow himself to become sick from his soul-deep grief. I’m sure you will be keeping a close eye on him to be sure his spirit heals. Love and prayers to all of you. The Little Belle family around the world mourns the terrible loss of sweet Tualek.

  9. mandy says:

    big hugs to especially Twix. what a bond those two must have had. Big hugs to his hoomans too. only had to let go of one dog so far and still feel the heartache. the more you love them the more it hurts to let them go. bless you for living so fierce xxx

  10. Annie says:

    Mijn hart huilt bij zoveel trouw??. Heb hetzelfde meegemaakt drie jaar geleden en de trouw gezien tussen twee schatten.

    Dikke knuffels voor alle kinderen

  11. Anne King says:

    Heart breaking but beautiful that they were able to say good bye. Poor Twix. I know the pain. When my little Luke was Sick his shadow Paco never left his side. Now they are both gone and I miss them so much. Take comfort I. That one day you will meet again❤️?

  12. Nicola says:

    And people say dumb animals .. there far from dumb ,they share every emotion a human does . God luv tualek, twix and yourself . Heart breaking x

  13. Diane says:

    This is the saddest but most beautiful goodbye I have ever seen ?? Thank you for sharing such private photos. Your fur family is precious, I am so very sorry for your loss ? Your family will be held in prayer ??

  14. Cheryl Loehr says:

    Thank You for giving me the opportunity to share a look at the beautiful good bye pictures. My heart goes out to your entire family…..I did the same for my pups when it was time for good byes. Thank you for the continued glimpses into your life with your pups, I really appreciate your kindness in sharing. ???

  15. Kim Raymond says:

    This is so heartbreaking. My Heart hurts for Twix and your family. Yes, our fur babies grieve just as we do, maybe more. If only they could live as long as we do. Sending Love, Prayers and Strength to Twix and your family. RIP Beautiful Boy, Run free and healthy with your beautiful sister Little Belle. You will see your bestfriend Twix, your momma and the rest of your beautiful family again. Until then send them little signs to show them you are not only in their hearts tucked safely away as beautiful memories but truly still with them in spirit. Watch over them and keep them safe until you run into your momma’s loving arms again. Until you run through the fields nd sand with your brothers and sisters. Until you give them all wet, warm, beautiful Tualek kisses again. ❤????

  16. Paula Dailey says:

    My heart breaks for you little Twix. It brings tears of remembrance for the passing of my sweet baby Bambi of 17 yrs. it’s hard to believe the 28th of Jan wii be 3 months without her. Love and prayers .

  17. Sanna from Finland says:

    Hi Irene.
    My heart is breaking. I have been following your life that you have shared for some years now with huge respect and joy. When Little Belle past away, it felt like I lost a dog close to me. I’m sure a lot of us followers felt the same. The same thing now with Tualek. There was something truly magical about him.. So special. And Twix.. My heart breaks for him especially.

    We have two rescue dogs of our own. The other one came to us when she was 3 years old and after a year and a half her brother arrived home from other part of Europe. They are so close and happy together, we are so blessed to have them. Eventually we are also going to face the moment of other one leaving this world before the other. I don’t want to think about that much but I want to thank you Irene for sharing these moments with us. I now know more, I feel I am more prepared (if that ever is possible).

    You and your family are in my prays. May heavenly angels surround you with love and compassion.

  18. Susan Colley says:

    This was so hard to see for me but I cannot begin to imagine what you and all the others especially little Twix are going through ,You did the right thing by letting his brothers and sisters say their Goodbyes, but Twix .s photos made me cry my heart aches for little Twix,
    Tualek is now with Little Belle, I’m praying in time Twix will be ok…animals do sence loss the same as we do, but you cannot explain to them where there brother has gone….My thoughts and prayers are with you all especially Twix…

  19. Susan Mcivor says:

    This is just Heartbreaking. Who says dogs don’t have souls ? Twix is breaking my heart. Yes , it will take time for him also . I know you will see him through this too love is very powerful as we know. Thank you for sharing your personal life with us who love each and every one of you .❤️???❤️

  20. Christa Johannsen says:

    I‘m so sad, to this pictures. It‘s so heartbreaking to see how sad Twix is. I also just lost ny Lissy ?. She was also very sick. ??? I wish you a lot strenght in this difficult time. Much of love from Christa

  21. Kellie Spark says:

    What a sad time for you all, but a strong reminder that all animals experience grief and should be allowed to show it. Bless you ?

  22. Tamara Matulessy says:


    I’m true follower of your page and was so sad about the lost of one of your family members 🙁
    Wishing you all the strenght and love during this difficult time ❤ Your pictures are sad but at the same time very beautiful to see, how they all handle their lost. But it makes me cry, the last pictures are so sad,really can feel the pain of this big lost.
    I’m a cat mom of 8 stray cats and one of them is very sick and has maybe 2 months left.
    Again wishing you all the strenght and hope you have a lot of memories…And one day you’ll meet them again❤ ?

    Much love from all of us
    XTamara & ??

  23. Candy White says:

    It is heartbreaking to see Twix grieve so much, I will continue to pray for you Irene and Rob, and in particular dear Twix that he will be comforted by the presence of the rest of the family. Much love to you all Candy

  24. Terri Callis says:

    I’m so very sorry Irene, for the pain you’re going through and for Twix too, especially. Thank you for sharing with us❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. Robyn Hawkins says:

    Oh my goodness, this absolutely breaks my heart ? I’m so sorry for the loss of Tualek to you and your entire family, both human and furry. You can see the bond that Twix had with him just from the photos. Sending you all prayer and so much love from IL. Rest In Peace, sweet Tualek ?❤️

  26. Lynne Goldacker says:

    Oh, Irene. How glad I am I followed the link to the beautiful pictures of Tualek’s friends saying goodbye. So poignant and touching. We are all grieving with you and are here in solidarity with the entire clan. RIP dear boy. You are so loved.

  27. Mark Aziz says:

    Truly touching and heartbreaking images of Tualek’s fur siblings saying their goodbyes; especially those of sweet Twix! My heart cries for sweet Twix during this time Irene and we know you are making him feel loved and as comfortable as possible. Thank you so much for sharing such a intimate moment with us all who loved Tualek and Twix’s deep friendship. Their bond could teach us humans a great deal about companionship and loyalty to the very end.

  28. Marie Poirier says:

    So sad to see how they all said good bye to there brother. I am so sorry for your loss Irene. It is so sad to see Twix, how he don’t want to say good bye to his best friend, it breaks my heart to see him poor baby. Thank you for sharing with all of us, it was very sad and touching. Sending prayers and love to your family to help you get through this sad time. God be with you and your family. R.I.P. Tualek run free of pain with your sister Belle and watch over your family. <3 <3 <3

  29. Soni Pool says:

    My heart breaks for you, Irene, and all your babies. Tualek knew great love and devotion and took it with him in his heart. I have to believe that.
    Thank you for sharing the photos.

  30. JoAnna Powers Martin says:

    My heart breaks for the sadness you all feel especially sweet Twix. I think it is so wonderful how you let the siblings and best friends say good bye. How confusing it must be for them to just wonder where their buddy went. We don’t often realize the level of love fur babies share. We all need closure. I will pray for you all and most of all I will pray for Twixs’ little heart to heal. Sending you my sincerest condolences and as always hugs❤

  31. Michele Spann says:

    My heart goes to you and your family during this most difficult time. I can’t imagine the pain and sadness you must be feeling…you truly have my DEEPEST condolences.???

  32. Carmen Ortiz says:

    Thank You for sharing with us all this pics of the babies saying their goodbyes. This is very touching. You all are a very special family.You’re on our thoughts and prayers here in Louisiana. Twixi love he’s brother so,so much. As all the other babies. Sending much love to all. ♥♥????

  33. Lucille Conway says:

    Oh my goodness, how my heart broke looking at your beautiful dogs saying goodbye to their brother.
    It brought me back to my own dogs saying goodbye. The last was my last collie, penny. We bought a puppy, kaiser and although penny didn’t like him much she later loved him but a year or so after getting kaiser the breeder was selling all her dogs, we took kaiser mum, millie.
    Penny had had a stroke, I managed to get her back to almost normal but then she started to have seizures. Very strong ones and one night they were so bad she went blind, I couldn’t fix that and we had to say goodbye. The vet came to my house and penny fell asleep with her family around her, her beautiful head resting in my hands and me telling her how much I loved her.
    A few months later we were at the park with millie and Kaiser, a black and white collie came into park and millie, who hadn’t been long with us, refused to leave until she saw it wasn’t penny. It goes to show you that dogs take instant likes, loves friendships, just as we do.
    Sleep tight my darling penny.x
    So sorry for your loss, what an amazing dog he must have been. Thinking of you all. Xxx

  34. Elizabeth Boyling says:

    Softly we tread amongst the heartbreak of your grief, our tears trickle down our cheeks and our heart feels like it is breaking. We embrace you with our love and friendship during this sad time. Tualek has his angle wings now and will be around you in those moments of time easing the pain you feel, bringing a smile to your face as you recall the times he stood with you, played and cuddled with his mum and dad, his brothers and sisters and the unconditional love he shared with you all. In a whisper of time he came to you and in a whisper of time you said goodbye, but the time he shared his footsteps with you was magic. Much love to all. Xxxxxxx ?

  35. Peggy Miller. (Maya & Sadie??) says:

    Words cannot express the sadness I feel for you and your family. I am heartbroken for all of you. Your heartfelt words were beautiful and against my better judgement viewed all of the photos. I cried as I knew I would. It’s amazing the depth of love and understanding our dogs feel. Humans could learn so much from them.
    Rest In Peace beautiful little Tualek❤️❤️?

  36. Margaret piddock says:

    Irene, at this devastating time, thank you for sharing these photos , my heart deepened when I saw Twix, but only time will heal, and I feel that we can all say our loving farewells as well. Take care x?

  37. Gloria Stone says:

    I think that posting the pics of the babies saying goodby to Tualek is a wonderful thing to do because other people with more than one pet will understand that bonds form, even between animals of a different species and that they, too, grieve so showing the pics will help other people help their pets when one leaves the family. I will share this on my page and thank you for sharing this with us.

  38. Julia says:

    I am so sorry for your loss.??
    Awe~so touching. Thank you for sharing these precious and beautiful pictures. Truly the puppies needed to be able to visit, smell, and grieve for their sweet brother, Tualek. They are a wonderful little puppy family and will not wonder what happened to their sweet brother. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Twix (what a precious little puppy), and the rest of the puppies. God bless you for all you do for these precious puppies. ?❤️

  39. Marilyn Fuller says:

    I am so sorry Iene…you are such a special person..all these beautiful little fur babies are so lucky to have you..bless all their little hearts and yours..❤? for all..

  40. marion peterson says:

    Oh this is so beautifully said and felt with heart. ❤️ Tualek was so gentle and patient and faithful to Twix. Oh Irene you and your whole family need time to grieve and be quiet together-and hold little Twix close to you because he needs you now more than ever. ?❤️ Joey and I send our love and our hugs and forever love to you and everyone. ?

  41. Jamie says:

    I am so sorry for your families loss. My heart breaks seeing these pictures. It’s sad but beautiful to see the love they share with one another. My thoughts and prayers are with you all during this time in your lives.

  42. Claire lowe says:

    I can see the sadness on all of these baby’s. My heart breaks losing our pets. You take such good care of all the family and they show their love for you. We will see each other one day and your baby’s will meet my baby’s. Still so sad.

  43. Suzana Narat says:

    I was crying for Tualek and I was crying for Twix, the little boy whose friend has passed away and is having hard time to understand that there is no more of sweet Tualek’s presence. It’s the heartbreak of the one’s left behind that is ? sad. Of, Irene and family, my sincere condolences and thank you for letting us see the goodbyes, and in a way giving us opportunity to say our goodbye to sweet boy Tualek. Much love ? always, Suzana

  44. Suzana says:

    Dear Irene, thank you for letting us see the goodbyes and giving us opportunity to say our own goodbye to sweet boy, Tualek. How heartbreaking. I was crying for Tualek, and I was crying for Twix, it is the profound sadness of the ones left behind after passing of our dear ones that is hard not to feel. Good bye sweet boy Tualek. My sincere condolences to you, Irene and all of your family. Much love and hope that Twix will get better a little bit each day, loyalty runs deep in this little guy. Suzana

  45. Pauline Hampton says:

    Thank you Irene for allowing us to share in the grieving of our beautiful Tualek, who having crossed the rainbow bridge is now waiting on the other side with all your other fur babies who have passed. These are beautiful picture of the other dogs all saying their goodbyes. Tualek only knew love with you. XX ???

  46. Carol Hawk Kester says:

    No one could ever tell me that animals don’t feel grief. I once had a pup, a chihuahua, that was bitten and killed by a much larger dog for no reason other than some dogs will be dogs. My pup, Buttons was her name had a great life long friend in my aunt’s Pomeranian, Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell grieved and cried just as Twix is doing. They need to feel and mourn just as people do. Tualek is in Heaven now. Twix will need time to grieve and heal. I feel for him.

  47. Sandra West says:

    I am so sorry for your precious loss I know what it means to not be ready to let go have been there many times myself. It breaks my heart to see all of them saying their goodbyes especially twix who is still waiting for him to wake up. Please give twist extra love hugs and attention for he will need him for the coming days for the loss of his special friend just like we do when we lose someone. Maybe sometime down the road when you’re able you can let us know what happened when they diagnosed him with his lymphoma what changed either way sending my condolences for We are never ready to let go lots of hugs and prayers for you.

  48. Val Bounds says:

    This breaks my heart for you all words aren’t enough at this time thank you for sharing this so we all can say our goodbyes too for Tualek Such a very sad time for you Irene and Robert so try and be strong its not easy we all know Sending you all prayers and much love to each one of your beloved pets and pray for Twix to for his little heart to recover xxxxx

  49. Linda Draeger says:

    You are such a special lady & have touched so many hearts thru your beautiful love of these precious babies. My heart breaks for you & every one (fur babies included) grieving over your loss. I know the pain of losing our loved ones both human & animal & I pray you find comfort knowing he is no longer in pain & with his sister Belle. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love, time & effort you put on for your little family & the sanctuary. There are no words of comfort but know you are not alone in your grief. Thank you for all you do for you beautiful babies & those you help.

  50. Sherry Leigh says:

    Thank you Irene for sharing this with us. I hope with time that Twix can accept that he is not here now. I can feel the heartbreak from all of you. Your many followers from all around the world mourn with you. My love to you and the babies xxxx Sherry

  51. Brenda Sherman says:

    Dear Irene….You in your always outpouring of love for the animals that start with difficult and or horrible lives, unfortunatly have the honor and horrible grief that comes with their sad sad passing. You are treating these poor souls to the best life they have ever had. The best care, the most love. Again, poor Irene, one of your beloved children has gone on to be with Belle. You handled Little Tualek’s death with so much tenderness, so as letting his siblings feel his leaving, and doing your very best to help Twix move on, which I am sure will take a long time. Please give your human family a chance as well Dear Irene. You and Robert have many depending on you . Please take a breathe or two to miss sweet Tualek. You gave him a good like. More than many can get, but truly something he desevred. Our love to you and the family.

  52. Stephanie Dunlop says:

    Thank you for sharing these very special, private photos with us, Irene. Your family of dogs shared their own moments with Tualek, and from their body language it was so clear to see their understanding that Tualek had passed away. Poor little Twix is deeply grieving for his best friend. The confused look on his face is heartbreaking. The fact that he was unable to leave Tualek, once he was placed into his grave, truly broke my heart. The pain of his loss is almost unbearable. He looks so utterly confused, distressed and lonely. He really is going to be devastated when the grave is closed. My thoughts have been with you all since Tualek passed away. The grief when your little dog died is so hard. Every moment afterwards seems almost dreamlike, but painful. You are so very kind, compassionate and empathic, Irene, giving all the dogs the opportunity to say goodbye to their fear little brother, Tualek. Anyone looking at these photos can be in no doubt – dogs do grieve when they lose a family member. Tualek is safe now. He is comfy once again, with no horrible illness. He is reunited with Little Belle. I’m sure he will always be close to you all. How poor Twix is going to cope, I just don’t know. I hope and pray that he will gradually accept that his beautiful little brother has gone. Hopefully, Twix will find a closer friendship with his brother’s and sisters. Love, thoughts and prayers are with you, Irene, and with all your wonderful family. Thank you again for sharing these photos of precious little Tualek, his ever-growing brother, Twix, and his siblings saying their goodbyes. xxxxxxxxx

  53. Jennifer L Gilland says:

    I think it’s very important for his brothers and sisters to be able say good bye to their brother. This gives them closer and will not be waiting or wondering where he is. He is safe over the Rainbow Bridge with his sister Bell. Prayers of Comforting Peace to all of you.

  54. Monica Fontanesi says:

    Cara Irene
    Queste immagini sono molto commoventi e preziose. C’è tanto amore in tutto questo!
    Abbraccia Twix da parte mia e ricoprilo di baci e di carezze, povero piccino dal cuore spezzato. Io prego perché Tualek dal Cielo mandi tanta pace e serenità, a tutti voi. Grazie

  55. Rebecca tilley says:

    This is so sad am so sorry irene and family this this is so heart breaking u can see by the way all the dogs say goodbye that they love tualek so very much I no it hard to say good bye to some one u love but little belle will look after him new we are thinking of u all in this sad time x❤❤

  56. Trevor Adair says:

    I posted this on your Facebook page but felt I ought to do sop here as well.
    “Heartbreaking. I feel for you and your family. So sad for Twix. Thank you for sharing the photos. Tears roll down my cheeks as I type this. My wife & I have 3 wee Chihuahuas, 10,11 & 13 years old. We had 2 Min Pins that died of old age, so do empathize.”

  57. Marilyn Paller says:

    Their grieving for their brother is beautiful & heartbreaking at the same time.Thank you for giving them time to say good-bye. They are so aware & very sad at the loss.

  58. Jill says:

    Irene I am truly sorry for your entire family’s loss. family. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers that you all find comfort in God and each other. Thank you for sharing your lives and the pictures, give Twix an extra kiss and hug for me.

  59. Juanita Orrahood says:

    Thank you for sharing these touching photos, Irene. Such a beautiful goodbye for sweet Tualek. Anyone who says dogs don’t feel grief have no clue. They mourn just as we do. Tualek had a very loving and beautiful life with you and found a very special friend in Twix. They shared a beautiful bond that will never be broken. I wish I could help relieve your pain, but all I can do is let you know I’m thinking of you all and sending you much love and support.

  60. Kerry says:

    Omg that is so sad but beautiful to. I know its hard two weeks ago this coming thursday i had to put my baby girl down and its killing me i had her 17 years she was never sick or anythibg she just got old i miss her so much i cant stand it and i feel she may hate me for killing her i dont know why i think these crazy thoughts i look for her everytime i walk in the house. This is really hard on me but i do know it was best. Mayve one day i will be ok bit i dont see how. Your other babies miss him i can tell and its hard on them too.

  61. Tami Chambers says:

    Those were truly beautiful Irene!!! Oh for the love of siblings!! The pictures of Twix on Tualek are heart wrenching but it definitely shows the bond he had. Thank you for sharing these Irene! Thank you for taking such good care of these babies!!

  62. Catherine Murray says:

    My heart breaks for all of Tualek’s brothers and sisters especially Twix and also for Irene. May God give you all peace and comfort

  63. Katherine Laureta says:

    Its so heartbreaking to see Twix grieving over his brother. This is truly devastating. I don’t mind crying and having puffy eyes in the morning. Thank you for loving these babies Irene. May you continue to love them and welcome every fur baby who needs you. God bless you!

  64. Tina says:

    Oh, Irene. These photos are just beautiful. They break my heart—Tualek’s sweet, serene face, and his family watching over him and sending all their love along with him. I am so sorry that he is gone, but so glad that he knew such profound love and devotion, blessed to be part of your family. He will have that always. Love you forever, dear Tualek.

  65. Jennifer Duff says:

    Irene and family,

    This really is heartwrenchingly beautiful ♡. I am also in animal rescue and take in “throw away” pups who have some special need. I lost 3 of my loves last year and I
    can say it never gets easier. One thing I DO know is that they were loved beyond words or understanding and they knew it up to their last breath on this earth -as Tualek did.
    It’s so hard to watch the others grieve because all you want is to explain and help them understand what happened. You want to comfort them and end up grieving with them.
    I’m so very sorry for your loss and I hope you all find
    peace as soon as you are ready. Love and prayers to you all ♡♡♡
    -Jen Duff

  66. Donna Grove says:

    Thank you Irene for sharing these deeply moving photos. They demonstrate the fact that our dogs do have profound and deep feelings and emotions the same as humans have. Although their pure love and loyalty may be even deeper. I felt my heart breaking at the obvious bewilderment and greif of Twix while not leaving her beloved friends side. So very sad and devastating for you and all your beautiful family. Hopefully you can feel the love from all of us being sent your way. Many prayers are sent to you all for strength during this difficult time. May the love surrounding you give you a bit of comfort.

  67. Antje Hermann says:

    Oh my goodness, I just read this blog on March, 18. 2021 and I still must crying the whole time and it becomes more and more, when I see this prictures of all the dogs, with all her love to Tualek.
    It was a magical Moment for me and I say thank you very much, for showing these pictures.
    I Hope, that Little Bells Dream become true as soon as possible and that all the lovely and beautiful dogs become happy and give us a little bit of love and makes the world like an great sunshine Place.
    Many Greetings from Germany

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