Cloudy’s goodbye to Rosie

Dear friends, as you can imagine, last week was hard. Although I knew Rosie was sick and her time on earth was limited, I always keep hope that we can share life so much longer. For now, I can’t share yet how she passed away, but probably one day I will. Just know that I was by her side.
Today I only want to share these pictures of Cloudy’s goodbye to Rosie with you. The bond they shared was so deep and very special. Wherever we went, they were always together. They loved their adventures – spyventures – together. So, it’s especially for Cloudy not so easy but we have each other for support and share all the memories we have of our precious little girl.
The moment Rosie passed away, Cloudy was very sick, so I waited until Monday afternoon for him to say goodbye to his little sister and best friend. His goodbye was very intense, heartbreaking, and yet so beautiful, too. He took all the time to look at her, touch her, smell her. To let it all sink in. That she was really gone.
I will share pictures from the beginning until ‘the end’, just click on the arrows. Although you might think that some pictures are almost similar, they still are different. Just look at all the little details on Cloudy’s face and his body language, the way he is processing what happened to his sister and friend. They brought tears to my eyes…
A friendship that will last forever ❤️
~ Irene

75 thoughts on “Cloudy’s goodbye to Rosie

  1. Rebecca tilley says:

    This is so beautiful but so very sad we will miss u little rosie and u can see cloudy loved her so much x😢😢

    • Sharon says:

      So very sad and the tears flowed but what a precious moment between brother and sister, so clear to see Cloudy little man how much you loved Rosie and how much like us you will miss her, hard for you to understand why she isn’t by your side on an adventure, you were such a wonderful brother to her, and she loved you too, I can tell you gave her a special message to carry on her spy missions in the sky, bless you Cloudy, love you gorgeous boy xx 💖💖

  2. Jet and m says:

    So so peaceful and beautiful a touching goodbye to a precious friend , cloudy is obviously makes big sure his darling friend knows she can go to rainbow bridge and find the peace she can no longer find here . Bless you sweetheart xxxx

  3. Lynda Owen says:

    Beautiful. Giving baby Rosie such a dignified rest. I never met her but she made my heart so happy following her on Instagram. One day we will be reunited with our fur babies and I believe this with with every fiber of my being. I love you Rosie. Please tell my Coco I love her. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😇😢😢😢😢

  4. Marion says:

    Dearest Cloudy,
    You were speaking to your little sister with each different pose, I know sweetie. First you were thinking why is she just lying there? We have spy adventures to go on . Then, sweetest heart, you smelled each part of wee Rosie and got closer and closer. Oh Cloudy I felt your uncertainty and confusion, and then you got so close to her sweet face and nose several times on your journey to say good-bye for now – but only for now. Oh Cloudy, twice you smelled her sweet nose and got very very close to her – especially at the end and then stood over her, protecting her and finally kissing her with your nose. Oh Cloudy, Oh Cloudy my tears are falling with yours sweet boy. YOu have such a beautiful heart and such a beautiful way to love- – and oh how I wish I could bring Rosie back for you and your mom – it’s an ache inside of my very heart – and I saw how once you looked away as if to say to your mom Irene: Why is Rosie like this?

    Oh Cloudy, stay close to mom Irene so you can both comfort each other deeply and with love. And most important little man, gain some weight so you can bring your sweet heart to Tommy and Boris, your two newest brothers. They need you, dear CCloudy – so much!!

    Oh how I love you!!
    love, Marion

  5. Roy Degenstein Jr says:

    Dear Rosie, you may be gone, but you will never be forgotten. Go our little Angel, and enjoy your time at the Rainbow bridge. For one day you will be reunited with your friends and family again. Until that day, Valhalla our beautiful Angel.

  6. Maria Silva says:

    Cloudy really showed his love for Little Rosie. It was so Sad to see Cloudy saying Goodbye to her. She meant so much to him!💔

  7. Catherine Westby says:

    This is so beautiful and touching I am crying do much. It’s heartbreaking but also shows what a beautiful bond they have ❤️

    • Mariella Menendez says:

      Heartbreaking…no words to describe the love. RIP little Rosie. Hang in there Cloudy, you will see each other again some day. God keep all animals safe from harm, they have so much love to give.

  8. Cathy Westby says:

    This is so beautiful and touching I am crying do much. It’s heartbreaking but also shows what a beautiful bond they have ❤️

  9. Marijke Moeyaert says:

    Zo hartverscheurend, maar mooi, Rosieke ons kleine engeltje, we missen je allemaal maar je blijft in ons harten ook dat van Cloudyke xxx😢❤️

  10. Jlf says:

    Thank you so much for sharing Cloudy saying goodbye to little Rosie. He needed to do that as much as we humans need to say our goodbyes. I am so very sorry for your loss of Rosie.

  11. Sandra says:

    He needed to see her I let all of my remaining dogs sniff and spend as much time with the one that passed as they need. When they walk away I know they have said their goodbyes. It helps them know they are gone as the smell from a passed dog is very different. RIP sweet Rosie. You were so loved and you will be so missed by many 💕

  12. Sandra West says:

    I’m so sorry to hear and see of her passing. I always enjoyed seeing that precious little sweet face. Cloudy as always so loving and gentle with her. It saddens me to see him process and understand what is going on. Irene thank you for always loving them.

  13. Natalie says:

    Heartbroken for you all 💔 Rosie and Cloudy were so much a joyful team bringing us fun stories and beautiful memories that will stay in our hearts forever XXXX Rosie passed peacefully surrounded by all the love and care in the world XX Fly free Rosie, we will love and remember you always ❤️

  14. Liek says:

    Ahh…..hartverscheurend💔 dat kopje van Cloudy😪 alsof hij wil zeggen waarom ligt Rosie zo stil en staat ze niet op? de tranen rollen over mijn wangen…..het zijn mooie foto’s .💕 Respect irene hoe je het allemaal doet. Een dikke knuffel voor Cloudy en voor jou❤❤ sterkte om dit een plekje te geven🍀😘

  15. Susan says:

    Awwww, so heartbreakingly sweet! Cloudy really loved his Rosie! R.I.P. sweet Rosie! Sending love and prayers for you, Irene, Cloudy and all who loved Rosie! 🙏🙏❤️❤️

  16. Dawn E'Orio says:

    I sit here with tears in my eyes looking at precious Cloudy saying goodbye to his best spy partner and forever friend. Such a heart felt moment. Fly free Rosie. Belle will show you the ropes. All my love to you Irene and Robert! You are just the most loving amazing guardians of these precious little souls. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

  17. Marie Poirier says:

    Sweet Cloudy that was so touching and loving the way you said good bye to your sister and best friend. One of your pic seem to say Rosie i love you and i will miss you but don’t worry i will see you again one day my friend. Cloudy know that your brothers and sisters in heaven will take good care of your sister and friend Rosie. R.I.P. beautiful girl i will miss you and keep you in my heart forever sweetie.

  18. Thelma steabler says:

    These are so beautiful and sad. Rosie will be forever in our hearts. Cloudy I am so sorry that you lost your spy friend. You all take care.xxxxx

  19. Antje Hermann says:

    Goodbye sweet little spy assistant in training, lovely Rosie!!! I love you soo much, and tears running over my face when I see these beautiful pictures from you and your best friend Cloudy.
    I hope and believe, that you now stay in heaven, near Little Belles Side and see that we miss you so much. Never forget ….. 😘🙏🌈

  20. Alice Seidel says:

    Oh Irene, this breaks my heart. They were so close and so happy for so long. Cloudy understands in his own way. He is surrounded by your love and that’s all that counts. ❤

  21. Carol says:

    Awww, Cloudy is so heartbroken. Rosie looks like she’s sleeping. Dogs are so loyal , sweet and even better than some humans. Rest well Rosie.🌈💔😢

  22. Susan Colley says:

    Such a beautiful yet sad photo,s Cloudy loved his sister, so, so much, it’s nice he got to say goodbye, My heart breaks, RIP Rosie, you are and always will be so missed 🙏😢

  23. Bianca says:

    Wat ligt Rosie er vredig bij ❤ wat n mooi kleedje, wat n mooi afscheid laat je de hondjes nemen Irene. Zo respectvol, vertrouwd, rustig…..groot compliment!
    Heel veel sterkte met dit verlies, dikke knuffel en liefs xxx Bianca

  24. Julie says:

    Cloudy my tears are flowing as I looked at these heartwarming pictures. You and Rosie were like 2 peas in a pod, bought together by your beautiful mum Irene. Both your love of adventure and each other was endless.
    Sweet sweet Rosie may your tired little body be at rest now, fly high princess🐶🌈💖💖💖💖

  25. Marianne Greaves says:

    Beautiful, soul-touching photos showing sweet Cloudy’s love for Sweet Angel Rosie, and how deep their bond was, and always will be. They say dogs leave pawprints on our hearts, but I think they also leave pawprints on their fur siblings’ and fur friends’ hearts, too.❤❤❤❤❤ Cloudy, your momma Irene, all your fur brothers and sisters, and all of us who came to know you through your momma, will deeply miss you Sweet Angel Rosie🙏💔😭 Rest In Peace and run free Sweet Angel Rosie, with Sweet Angel Little Belle and all your fur siblings, who are now Sweet Angels, too🌈🐾🐾 💜 You will always be loved and remembered❤❤❤❤❤

  26. Evan Laios says:

    That was very hard to see. I’m touched. The way you cared for Rosie, with the blanket and flower, very beautiful. I wish you all the best with your ‘spy- family’ the next days. My heart goes out to you.

  27. Michelle says:

    What beautiful & yet very sad photos! My heart aches for you Cloudy, such a sweet sister & spy trainer you had! I am still in disbelief that Rosie is gone but I knew she was so loved & well taken care of. If only we had a stairway to heaven we could visit our beloved fur babies any time. RIP sweet girl, your pain & ailments are no more. Run free with Belle Emi, Tualek, Rex, and all your other family members . You were loved by so many around the world indeed! 😭😢

  28. Liz & Kal @monsterenergyliz says:

    Rest easy little Rosie 🐶 Watch over your Mommy Irene & big brother Cloudy✨ You will forever be in our hearts 😢💝 and never forgotten ✨🌹🕊❤️

  29. Val Bounds says:

    Dearest Cloudy to see you saying good by to Rosie is very sad for us all but it is a way you know she has gone over the rainbow bridge to be with Little Belle Rex Emi and Tualek You are so loved Cloudy as is your family each and everyone of you so we are all sending you prayers to help you heal and get better taking one day at a time Be strong all of you Much love and hugs to you all Val in Australia

  30. Carol Kester says:

    I wish I could hold you, Cloudy, and comfort you. God Bless all of you. Irene, you have given all of your furbabies the best of your love. They know that. They will take your love with them over the Rainbow Bridge.

  31. LIZ says:


  32. Suzana Narat says:

    Dear Irene, my heart goes out to you. I don’t know how you find the strength to go on. This is incredibly sad and I know affected your whole family. I am thinking of you and love you🥰 for who and what you are always. Beautiful, courageous, humble, the human of best kind. RIP little princess Rosie

  33. Donna Ozee says:

    Such beautiful, peaceful and dignified memories of two friends saying farewell for now. My prayers and heartfelt sympathies to you all – it’s never, ever easy but their memories live on and thank you for sharing your sweet babies with us – hugs to you all ❤️❤️❤️

  34. Gloria Stone says:

    Won’t Heaven be a wonderful place for us, all of our precious beings waiting for us, excited and happy to see us again. I just buried my little 14 year old rescue, Nina and my heart was so heavy but I gave her 8 magnificent months, full of love, car rides, special treats, home cooked meals and for that, I am grateful. We give them the best end of life gift that can be given. We love you, Belle and Rosie. 💖🐶🐶💖

  35. Brigitte says:

    I’ve read all the beautiful comments and I’m sitting here trying to think of something to say but no words will come. Just that the pictures are so sad but full of love
    RIP Rosie 🥺😢💔🇦🇺

  36. Amy says:

    This is so hard for me to see as I can feel it so very deeply., It took me a minute to look at each picture one by one cuz I remember my little ginger marie as she said goodbye to Ani isabel whom was in my lap, already in her beautiful place over the rainbow bridge. It took Ginger quite a while to adjust to her big sister being gone and hard for me every time and ginger as well when we would.. go out by the place I laid her to rest. It’s been many years past now and I still feel the same as the day she left us.


    Rosie received so much love in her life thanks to you Irene.
    Her life was happy.
    She felt loved and cared until the end, this must give you peace of mind.
    Now she is in the embrace of God together with Little Belle and with Emi and with all the others.
    Now she protects Cloudy and wraps him with pure love.
    Come on Irene, you did your best for her 🤍 and she continues to love you from Heaven

  38. Rose Lawson says:

    The pictures were so touching yet sad seeing Cloudy saying his final goodbyes to little Rosie. She will be missed by all. We all felt so close to Rosie. Thank you Irene for letting us be able to see our spy master with his assistant-in-training one more time together. RIP ROSIE 🌈🐾♥️

  39. Avril lornie says:

    I went thru this in February my chihuahua belle had to be pts after a 4yr battle with heart disease, we let our cocker spaniel Sam come to say goodbye, he started nudging her trying to waken her it actually broke my heart, they were like an old married couple but it was the right thing to do, poor cloudy and rest in peace little Rosie 🌈🌈🐾🐾🤬

  40. Rose Lawson says:

    The pictures were so touching yet sad seeing Cloudy saying all his goodbyes in each pictures to his beloved sister and best friend little Rosie. She will be missed by all and will forever be in our hearts. ♥️ Thank you Irene for letting us see our spy master and his assistant-in-training one last time together. RIP ROSIE 🌈🐾❤️🌈🐾

  41. Rosie Franks says:

    thank you <3 We are so privileged to be able to share in the beauty and simplicity of this moment. These two dear souls can teach us everything about love and loss, & what you have given them – the chance to live their lives surrounded by so much love – is the greatest gift possible. You are an extraordinary person and what you do touches people world wide, and brings healing to so many. As so many will be devoted to dogs too, so you are helping them too, by sharing these family moments And Family, to quote, means that no-one is left behind and no-one is forgotten. With love and gratitude, especially to Cloudy xx

  42. Robin Michelson says:

    Irene , how beautiful and sad at the same time , Cloudy saying goodbye to his beloved little sister , spy assistant partner , and friend . From the time they meant Rosie just followed Cloudy around , a team dual forever . .
    I’m glad Cloudy was feeling better to have his private time to say goodbye in his own way , even though he still needs time as you do ,as well, is completely understandable .
    Never easy is it to say good bye to the ones we love so dearly and in our hearts .
    Love to you a d Cloudy my friend.

  43. Becky White says:

    This was so difficult to watch Cloudy saying goodbye to his precious sister. We know you loved Rosie very much and she loved you. I know it is so hard for you to understand where she has gone but she is with Little Belle, Emi, Tualek, Rex and the rest of the gang. She will be waiting for you when your time comes. Keep mom close so y’all can lean on each other. Love you sweet boy ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  44. Angela Gill says:

    It’s beautiful to see the emotion that animals show and how caring they are they grieve like we do and say goodbye in the same way it’s a beautiful site to see cloudy saying goodbye bye to his best friend

  45. Elizabeth Boyling says:

    Dear Cloudy, your sweet little Princess Rosie had to say goodbye. She has gained her Angel wings and will always be around you and family. She loved you and the time you had together. Beautiful Cloudy sending you much love, with time you pain will ease. xxx

  46. Margit says:

    We all will remember Rosie as the spy-assistant-in training. It’s hard to believe, she is gone….but at least we will meet her on the other side of the bridge…like all your other dogs, that passed like “Tualek” and the rest….at least we all know she had a life being loved by all of us here!!!!

  47. Tim Troendle says:

    Rosie, you brought beauty to the world, and I feel privileged to have witnessed it. So many will miss you and hold you close in our hearts. Cloudy, Irene and your brothers and sisters love you and will hold you close as you grieve for sweet Rosie.❤❤

  48. Tim Troendle says:

    Rosie, you brought beauty to the world, and I feel privileged to have witnessed it. So many will miss you and hold you close in our hearts. Cloudy, Irene and your brothers and sisters love you and will hold you close as you grieve for Rosie.❤❤

  49. FRIDA KNUTSSON says:

    I got teally, really sad! Run Free Rosie and breath the fresh air ❤
    Be strong Cloudy! You are so beautiful! I understand your hotrible pain!

  50. Ed Turner says:

    A courageous little girl was Rosie , will be missed beyond words. She had endured more than her share of pain and discomfort from her failing little body. No one ever knows why it happens but we all know she’s in a much better place today. She will permanently reside in the hearts of family and friends forever. Goodnight sweet one perhaps we’ll see each other again I hope ……….

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