An important update on Little Belle’s Dream

Dear friends of Little Belle & family,

It’s a long time ago that I wrote about our fundraiser for Little Belle’s Dream. In the meantime the fundraising continued with your amazing support and everything we do for Belle’s Dream; the ongoing auctions, birthday raffles, Art Event, and Christmas Auction, and last year Cloudy’s very special Christmas Mission. You support(ed) this all so beautifully.
I’m sorry I couldn’t write an update sooner. I was about to write one last summer, but then our brave little boy Cloudy was in his last weeks, and when he passed away I was really not in a good place…
Then, end of September, Robert’s father passed away. Although he was old in age, it was still unexpected.
After the goodbye, it was also time for us to reflect on our future.

Most of you will probably know what Little Belle’s Dream means, but for the people who are new to our page or are following us for not such a long time yet, I will give a short explanation.
Back in 2018, something personal happened that made our life here very uncertain. The place we live in isn’t ours, and for months I was thinking that if happened what we were afraid of, we wouldn’t even be able to buy our own place. Where would we go with so many animals?
Some friends suggested starting a fundraiser. At first, I didn’t want to because I felt so uncomfortable asking people for money. But when time passed, more people said ‘Just do it! People want to help.’, and since the situation was really bad, I did start a fundraiser called ‘Little Belle’s Dream’.

You know, when Belle was still alive, I already had the dream to have a place we could call ours one day. In this dream I saw Belle at our own house, running happily over the big meadows… I’m really sad that she can’t be part of this dream anymore, but I know she is still with us and that she wants this for us, too, so we can help more animals in need. She was my inspiration to start our Sanctuary and will always be part of our lives and dreams.
Little Belle’s Dream fundraiser started, and wow, the response was so amazing and incredibly heartwarming! I had never thought that so many people would love to support us and have faith in us.
While the fundraiser was running, we found a temporary solution to the situation we were in, so we could stay here for the time being. This gave us also the time needed for the fundraiser.
Now, 4,5 years later, with the amazing continued support of so many friends around the world, we’ve raised the incredible amount of € 159.059,09 ! (See: Financial updates – Little Belle’s Magical Sanctuary ( )

Our initial plan, for several reasons, was to move to Portugal, Spain, or France. And we’re now at a crossroads; will we stay here or will we leave and start a new life in another country?
One of the questions is whether we can stay here at all because, if you’re aware of the difference in house prices in The Netherlands compared to for example Portugal, you will know the prices here are very high. Our fundraiser was initially aimed at moving to another country, so it wouldn’t be enough for a place for all our animals here in the Netherlands.
We will investigate this option further in the coming months, and in the meantime, we will explore our other option, which is moving abroad. Our main focus is Portugal, Belle’s homeland.  When I truly listen to my heart, this is my biggest dream. There will be so many more possibilities when the Sanctuary has a lot more space, also providing a whole other life for all the animals, and more living in nature. The search will take a lot of time, of course, with so many things we have to learn and explore.
Know that this is only possible because of your amazing support! Although a thank you so much never feels enough, I still say, from the depth of my heart and soul, thank you so much ❤️

If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas, please let us know.
And, if you live in Portugal or know of another place that would suit us and you would love to help us with our search, or other things, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Irene, with Little Belle & family

21 thoughts on “An important update on Little Belle’s Dream

  1. Erica Reid says:

    Bless you Irene and the family , little. Belles dream is becoming a reality well done , you have to trust your instincts the wee ones will be fine as long as mama is there with them xxx

  2. Robin Michelson says:

    Hi Irene,

    I just want you to know I am so supportive where ever you and Robert find a new beautiful place to call home with all the animals. Thank you for your update.


  3. sue Mitchell says:

    Sue Mitchell says:
    Wherever you go, you will still have our support and receive the love from around the world.
    You should go where your heart takes you, where you feel is right. All the dogs will be happy wherever you take them. A warmer climate will help a few of them and they can sit and bask in the sun.
    Sending you, Robert and all the dog family every success and happiness in your new venture. You deserve to find the place of your dreams and open a bigger Sanctuary for all those beautiful dogs.

    • LittleBelle says:

      Thank you, Sue, for your beautiful words! And yes, one of the things Belle definitely taught me is to always follow my heart ❤️

  4. Gail Marceaux says:

    I am very excited to learn that you are closing in on being able to fulfill your dream of having a place to call your own where all the animals can live happily ever after. I know that you will follow your heart because it’s what you always do and it has never steered you wrong yet. I look forward to continuing to help support your sanctuary and those precious little pups and I am already excited to see pictures of wherever you decide to move. It is so nice to hear that the things that were mentioned when this journey began are finally starting to materialize! Congratulations on this milestone and now let’s move on to the finish line 🙂

  5. André Destroismaisons says:

    Thank you for this update Irene , thanks to all donors for your great support . The magical sanctuary deserve our support , in memory of our Little Belle . Thanks Irene and Robert for your wonderful work. All for Little Belle’s dream.

    • LittleBelle says:

      Thank you, André, for your kind words! Yes, all in memory of Little Belle, the beautiful little girl who started all this ❤️

  6. Susan Hutchins says:

    Dear Irene
    Thank you for your update regarding Little Belle’s Sanctuary it is truly amazing how far you have come. And I look forward to the day when you have your very own home and Little Belle’s Sanctuary. And I will be with you supporting your family. Your work is so important because you give the very best of care to all the little ones you adopt..

  7. Poi Poh Wong says:

    Dear Irene,
    Wherever you decide to go, we will definitely support your decision and continue to make Little Belle’s big Dream come true. That’s you and Little Belle who brought us all together. And because of Little Belle’s magic, we become a big family around the world. We can’t thank you enough.

    • LittleBelle says:

      Thank you, Poi Poh, for your beautiful words! So true, it’s Little Belle who brought us all together, and because of her, and her magic, this is all possible <3

  8. Emily Klassen says:

    Thank you for the amazing update; thanks for the donors and wonderful support; Thanks Irene & Robert for your passion and all you do for the beautiful animals; and for Little Belle’s dream; whereever you decide to build Little Belle’s majical dream and sanctuary. With much love; and so much respect for you and family. I anxiously await all the pictures and videos; such sweet times you share with all of us!

  9. Juanita Orrahood says:

    Thank you, Irene, for the update. You have always followed your heart and it has never steered you wrong so I know you will find the perfect place for you, Robert and all your beautiful animals. It will be a beautiful place where Little Belle’s Sanctuary will be able to help so many more precious animals and Little Belle will smile down from above knowing her dream came true. Just know that wherever you go, you will always have our love and support.

    • LittleBelle says:

      Beautifully written, Juanita, thank you ❤️ And yes, I know Little Belle will smile, too, knowing it’s finally going to happen. Such a special feeling ❤️

  10. Sheila Mielkey says:

    Hoping you find that magical place where you ALL can thrive and stay that close loving spiritual family that you are. Family and being together is the most important thing… and I know you know that well. I will pray for your future endeavors and that God will guide your way. Sending only positive thoughts and lots of prayers your way . Hope Micky is feeling better..💗😇🤗🥰🙏😊

  11. Claudia Thoma says:

    Thank you, Irene, for this important update. I will love to continue to follow your stories and to support it’s most worthy cause…. you have put in your heart and soul to achieve what has been accomplished so far, and by the sound of it, you have had to weather some rough storms on the way.
    Always dream big…… I feel certain you will make the right decision, all your beautiful animals and Robert will be there by your side. They will be happy wherever you go, as long as you are all together!
    There are moments in life, when it is time to open new doors and put your trust in new beginnings 🙏
    With lots of love, and very best wishes…. wherever the road takes you ❤️
    Claudia xx

  12. Butch noordam says:

    Dearest Irene;
    Through the Grace of God All Your Hopes and Dreams will come to pass…….I Pray daily for this to be so…………….Thank you for all you have done and all you continue to do………….God Bless Always…………….Prayers and Much Love Always.

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