Financial update

Overview Donations Little Belle’s Dream

Update October 2018

PayPal Donations:
August              € 2744,83
September     € 901,25

Direct Bank donations:
August              € 710
September     € 350

GoFundMe Page Donations:
Aug – Sept      € 7239,81

Total                 € 11945,89

The finances were checked by the Finance Committee of Little Belle’s Magical Sanctuary:
– Suzana Narat, Australia
– Stéphanie Lecoutre, Belgium

This is what they wrote after verifying all the documents:

Hi Irene (and Belle who I’m sure is present),

I overlooked the documents you sent me for Little Belle’s Dream Sanctuary and as usual, everything is very well sorted out. Everything goes to a bank account specially opened for Little Belle’s Dream.
I would say thank you to everyone in name of Belle and mum Irene for the donations so that Belle can continue her magical work helping other dogs.
Stéphanie Lecoutre

Dear Irene,

I am writing to you to verify documents and financial overview regarding the finances of Little Belle’s Magical Sanctuary/financial overview of the donations to Little Belle’s Dream. I have crosschecked the Bank statements with relevant invoices and donations, finding to my best knowledge everything to be in order.

Oh boy, this time it took me a little bit longer to get all the checks in order….. and you know why? Because it was a lot of money donated with palpable love. Thank you, thank you so much! Please feel free to keep me even busier next time!
It was my pleasure to see that help was pouring from every part of this humane globe. It was humbling, the fact that I was and I am part of this wonderful group and if I may reiterate, please, do not stop, every little bit counts and it doesn’t have to be a big amount, if we all, friends of Little Belle, donated $5, it would amount to really big help for beautiful Irene and amazing family who is so compassionate and who lovingly and patiently changes the lives of differently abled, forgotten and mistreated sentient beings to what we see is best ever transformation, from within, now glowing with happiness and living in forever home!

Sending my gratitude for all of you, guys, who donated, who is donating, and who will donate, with the hope of keeping the dream, Little Belle’s dream, alive.
Suzana Narat

If you have any questions about the financial overview, please send an email:

Thank you for all your beautiful donations, it’s very heartwarming to see and feel your love and support. As Suzana wrote so beautifully, you all help to keep Little Belle’s dream alive and we can never thank you enough for that ❤️

Little Belle, Irene & Family