The search for our new place

Dear friends of Little Belle,

I realized that the first blog could be a bit ‘out of the blue’ for the people who haven’t read our previous post where I explained more about our current situation. Click on this link to read this post:

As I wrote in my previous blog I like to focus on our future, on Little Belle’s and our Dream. Robert and I are thinking a lot about what’s best to do, the steps we need to take to find our own place.
For now, we decided to focus on the east coast of Spain, but we will also keep our options open for other places when a property seems to match our criteria for especially our animals. One of our criteria is that the quality of the land is good for the horses, with grass and also enough water available.
Because we don’t know all the different areas in Spain yet, I am thinking about traveling again and explore the areas and interesting properties.
Only, how?
I could go with a camper/caravan but this means of course a lot, especially that I can’t take all the dogs with me. I could rent a house but also then I probably can’t get all the dogs with me, and I would be too bounded to one place while a broader search would be more effective.

The most perfect scenario would be if we could find a place which feels already as THE place for us so this whole search won’t be necessary, and I can go there already with all the dogs.
But, of course, I understand this won’t be so easy, and we still need more funds to make this all possible.

So, lots of thoughts and emotions. Normally, I always listen to my heart but with all that’s going on it’s not always so easy to feel what my heart is telling me.

I would love to read your input on this, maybe you have other ideas, have certain experiences you can share, or you know people who might be able to help us?

Thank you ❤️
Irene, Little Belle’s mom

10 thoughts on “The search for our new place

  1. José Kwakernaat says:

    Hallo Irene, ik kan het de nicht van mijn man vragen. Zij woont in Spanje aan de Costa Bianca. Misschien heeft zij ideeën.
    Wordt vervolgd

    • LittleBelle says:

      Hallo José, dank je, goed idee! Altijd fijn om contacten te leggen, je weet maar nooit… 🙂
      Liefs, Little Belle, Irene & familie

  2. Carolyn says:

    Dear Irene, is it possible you have someone to travel with and leave the furbabies home, so you are free to look around and make one trip? Have you looked on the internet for properties? I know this is overwhelming but if you could narrow your search area you won’t be so anxious.

  3. Vicki Castleberry says:

    Irene, I know that you have been to Spain is there possibly someone there that can look at properties for you? Or get with a real estate agent tell them exactly what you need and what you can work with that could help you so you do not have to travel. Or possibly a place that you could lease for a while until the perfect property came available? I don’t know , I wish I had a magic wand for you…Or buy a trailer or see if someone has one you could live in where you are now until you find something??

  4. Terri says:

    Maybe properties looking for caretakers? They usually provide living quarters, and need help with maintaining the land and or animals, in which case probably wouldn’t be a problem to have your furries with you as well. I know it is possible in the U.S.A. so not sure this suggestion helps you or not. Try not to worry I have found in my life that when one door closes another awaits to be opened!

  5. Gwendolyn Tripp says:

    Thank you for sharing with us. I will pray for the ideal home for you, Robert and all your fur babies. I know God has a plan for you and I pray he will let that plan be known to you very soon. Until then keep the faith.

  6. Elizabeth Davis says:

    I read Vicky’s comment about finding a real estate in the area you’re looking at. Perhaps there are friends of Little Belle who are familiar with the area or who know someone trustworthy with whom you can work. Unfortunately, I know nothing about Spain, but surely there is someone in Belle’s magical family who can point you in the right direction. We’re all confident that the answer is out there, and the more we spread the word, the sooner our dream will become a reality.

  7. Robin Michelson says:

    Irene , like Vicki Castleberry said , the people who know that live in Spain ,the ones that rescued Cloudy , Rosie and even Emi long ago . Even a real estate agent . Can you contact them , and see what they know about the properties there . Ones you could lease for now .
    Again I do mention , only because I care about all of you ,, about safe areas , based on what Mick said in the comments too ? Remember only out of concern for all of you .❤️

  8. Margit Jung-Faltins says:

    Hi Irene, this time I found another object

    Kaufpreis 299.950 EUR
    Zimmer 25,0
    Schlafzimmer 25,0
    Badezimmer 8,0
    Baujahr 0
    Wohnfläche 2.000,00 m²
    Grundstück 107.000,00 m²
    Land Spanien
    Stadt Pinoso

    You should look the internet for some places. And: are you allowed to build up a sanctuary there?
    I’m looking forward to hear that you found a place for all of you..

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