The search for a new place for Little Belle’s Magical Sanctuary – Our plan

We’ve received quite some questions about how we are doing now, and our plans. Thank you for thinking about us ❤️
I haven’t a real update yet about our situation at home, this is still the same. Of course, Robert and I are still thinking and talking a lot about how to proceed with our plan to explore the different areas in Spain, to find our own place for Little Belle’s Magical Sanctuary.
Probably somewhere around the end of May or in June, I will travel to Spain and start from there our search in the north of Spain, then travel down south along the east coast (this can also be more inland, 1- 1,5 hours from the coast).

One of the questions is how? Probably with a camper would be the best idea, this gives us the freedom to search in different regions, and have our ‘home’ with us. The thing is that also a second-hand camper is very expensive, so we have to think about how to make this possible.

With this journey, unfortunately – and this is not an easy choice at all -, I cannot bring all the dogs with me, but I hope that 4, maybe 5, of them will accompany me. This will be Cloudman, Rosie, Kintana, Emi, and maybe Simba (I have to think more about what’s best for her). For the others their well-being, staying at home is the best for them.

Another question is, will we be able to find good and safe places to stay during our travel? The fact that we are traveling with 4 or 5 dogs would probably make it less easy.

From my experience with our previous travel to Portugal, I know there isn’t much time left for other things to do. Still, I need to continue with working on the fundraising, but I have no idea yet if there is enough time, and energy, to be able to do this. But because we really need more funds to make Little Belle’s and our Dream come true, I’ll have to find a way.

So, this was a little update from our side, I hope it answers your questions. If not, you can always send us a private message or email.
If you have any wonderful ideas on how you can help us, with our travel or with the fundraising, please let us know!

Thank you for all the love and support you give, which we feel every day in our hearts ❤️

Irene, Little Belle’s mom

About Little Belle’s and our Dream:

2 thoughts on “The search for a new place for Little Belle’s Magical Sanctuary – Our plan

  1. Soles Pinillos says:

    Mrs Irene and Robert. My name is Soles and I reside in Florida, USA.
    I want to start by telling you that you are all in my prayers. May GOD guide every decision and may HE continue to give you all the strength, patience and health you need to move forward.

    Mrs Irene. Can we help by possibly adopting one or some of your beautiful rescues? Do you prefer to keep everyone together?

    Is there a temporary sanctuary in Spain that you can stay until you find your place?

    May God continue to help and bless you both. Stay strong! We are all supporting you in so many ways.

    • LittleBelle says:

      Hello Soles, thank you for your beautiful words ❤️
      I will keep everyone together, of course, we are a family!
      I’m not looking for a temporary place, first I will have to explore different regions to see and feel what’s the best region for all of us. When a certain place comes up that feels very good, of course, we will look into that.
      Love, Irene

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